What is Wicker Furniture?

What is Wicker Furniture?

Posted by Luxo Living on 4/3/2024

When you’re decorating your space, selecting furniture that marries style with functionality is crucial. Wicker furniture, with its timeless appeal, has emerged as a favoured choice for those seeking elegance and comfort.

Take a closer look at wicker as we unravel its charm, share expert tips, and why we consider it essential in your home.

The Allure of Wicker

Wicker furniture is more than just a practical choice; it's a design statement. The natural texture and handwoven craftsmanship add a touch of artisanal elegance to any space.

Its versatility allows it to seamlessly blend into various design styles, from coastal chic to bohemian flair.

Key Features of Wicker Furniture

Selecting furniture that stands the test of time is important. Wicker furniture boasts several key features that contribute to its enduring popularity:


Wicker furniture is crafted from resilient natural fibres, making it durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The sturdy construction ensures longevity, providing a reliable investment for your home.


Unlike solid wood or metal furniture, wicker allows air to circulate, preventing the buildup of heat and humidity. This breathability adds to the comfort factor, making wicker pieces an excellent choice for furniture in warm climates.

Lightweight Elegance

Wicker's lightweight nature makes it easy to rearrange and redecorate your living spaces effortlessly. Embrace the fluidity of design by experimenting with different arrangements without breaking a sweat.

Wicker Furniture Care Tips

Preserving the beauty of your wicker furniture involves a combination of care and attention. Luxo Living has compiled a set of expert tips to ensure your wicker pieces remain in pristine condition:

Regular Dusting

Use a soft brush or vacuum attachment to remove dust from the intricate weaves. Regular dusting prevents the accumulation of dirt and maintains the furniture's lustre.

Gentle Cleaning

Mix a mild detergent with warm water and gently scrub the wicker surface using a soft brush or cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaners that may damage the natural fibres. For stubborn stains, a mixture of vinegar and water can work wonders.

Avoid Prolonged Sun Exposure

While wicker is suitable for outdoor use, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause it to fade over time. Position your wicker furniture strategically to maintain its vibrant colours.

Cushion Care

If your wicker furniture comes with cushions, regularly clean and rotate them to ensure even wear. Invest in weather-resistant cushion covers for outdoor pieces.

Incorporating Wicker into Your Home

There is a transformative power of well-chosen furniture. Here are some creative ways to incorporate wicker into your home:

Indoor Elegance

Enhance your living room with a wicker accent chair or a stylish coffee table. The organic textures of wicker add warmth and character to any interior space.

Al Fresco Dining

Elevate your outdoor dining experience with a wicker dining set. The natural aesthetics create a cosy and inviting atmosphere for family gatherings and entertaining guests.

Chic Storage Solutions

Wicker baskets and storage trunks are not only practical but also add a touch of rustic charm to your home. Use them for storing blankets, cushions, or even as decorative elements.

Wicker Furniture FAQs

What is wicker furniture made of?

Wicker furniture is crafted from natural materials such as rattan, seagrass, bamboo, or synthetic materials like resin. These materials are woven to create the characteristic texture and patterns.

Is wicker furniture suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, many wicker furniture pieces are designed for outdoor use. However, it's essential to choose outdoor-specific wicker that can withstand exposure to the elements. Consider factors like UV resistance and weather-resistant cushions.

How do I clean and maintain wicker furniture?

Regular dusting with a soft brush or vacuum attachment is crucial to prevent dirt buildup. For deeper cleaning, mix a mild detergent with warm water, scrub gently with a soft brush, and avoid abrasive cleaners. Cushions should be regularly cleaned and rotated.

Can wicker furniture be left in the sun?

While wicker is suitable for outdoor use, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause it to fade over time. Position your wicker furniture strategically or invest in UV-resistant sealants to maintain its vibrant colours.

Is wicker furniture comfortable?

Wicker furniture is known for its comfort, especially when paired with plush cushions. The natural breathability of the wicker allows for air circulation, preventing the buildup of heat, and making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor seating.

What are the different types of wicker weaves?

Wicker can be woven in various patterns, including herringbone, diamond, open weave, and more. Each weave pattern contributes to the overall aesthetics and comfort of the furniture.

Can wicker furniture be repainted?

While natural wicker can be repainted with suitable paint, it's essential to prepare the surface properly to ensure adhesion. Synthetic wicker, like resin, typically comes in a variety of colours and does not require repainting.

Is wicker furniture eco-friendly?

Wicker furniture crafted from natural materials like rattan and bamboo is considered eco-friendly. These materials are renewable and sustainable, aligning with environmentally conscious choices.

Are there different types of wicker materials, and how do they differ?

Yes, common wicker materials include rattan, seagrass, and bamboo. Rattan is known for its durability, seagrass adds a natural warmth, and bamboo provides an exotic touch. Synthetic wicker materials like resin offer weather resistance and are easy to maintain.

Can I use wicker furniture indoors and outdoors?

Absolutely! Many wicker furniture pieces are versatile enough to be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. That said, ensure that wicker outdoor furniture is specifically designed to withstand the elements to maintain their longevity.

Enjoy The Classic Beauty of Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is a testament to the harmony between nature and design.

Embrace the allure, follow our care tips, and let wicker become an integral part of your home – a true symphony of style and comfort. Your journey to elevated living begins with Luxo Living.


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