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Bunk Beds

When you think of bunk beds you think of fun kids rooms, right? Not only is a bunk a great bedroom furniture feature, it gives you back valuable floor space for leisure activities, by capitalising on the vertical area in the room.

Space Saving

Luxo Living bunk beds are designed to make sharing a room more comfortable and when you choose one of our bunk beds with storage, you will never step on a piece of lego again.Meeting at the cross section of affordability, functionality and style, our double bunk beds and single bunk bed are made from solid wood and natural pine in white, grey and timber finishes.

Tested and Certified

Mandatory safety testing is undertaken on all of our bedroom furniture. This ensures that there is no chance of injury to our customers, big and small. All products must comply with Australian safety standards before they are allowed in your homes. We take great pride in bringing our customers the safest products and ensure you’ll have a wonderful night's rest knowing you’ve invested in a top quality bed.

We now ship nationwide at a low cost, to Melbourne, Adelaide and beyond, making shopping for your bedroom furniture online super convenient and stress free.

Need help with buying bunk beds online? Give us a call on 02 8999 1114 and we will be more than happy to assist you with any queries you have.

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