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Take a Seat! Sofas and Lounges You're Going to Love in 2020

According to an article on Odyssey, the average person spends 90% of their life indoors and 9.1 years sitting on their sofa watching the telly. It is no wonder that some of the most utilised furniture in a home can be found in the living room/sitting room. After all, that's where we live and sit when we are enjoying our time at home with family and where we entertain friends.

The sofas and lounges we select can make all the difference in how we experience our leisure time. Are you looking to change the look and feel of your family room? Maybe you are a little overwhelmed by the endless possibilities and lost when you go furniture shopping? Here we put to rest your remodelling anxiety with practical advice on how to choose the best sofas and lounges for your living room lifestyle.

Many Sofas and Lounges to Choose From

It is your sanctuary, a safe place, a room for entertaining, relaxing, and creating memories that make life worth living. So, put on the kettle, and let's give it some thought, shall we? First off you will need to consider the type and style of sofas and lounges you will need to fit your home's decor and practical needs. A few things to keep in mind:

  • The size and shape of your living space
  • The number of people you need to accommodate
  • Flexibility when it comes to placement
  • What material best suits your needs and individual taste

Work it Out on Paper First

Sofas and living room lounges come in every possible shape, colour, material, and frame construction you can imagine. It is important to first understand your priorities.

It could be helpful to sit down and list out your requirements and include some adjectives that would appeal to you when describing your living room space. You will likely have your own ideas, but here is an example:

  • Seating for 8 with a warm and close feeling, facing one another, suitable for conversation
  • Have a coffee table or ottoman for playing board games with the family
  • Plenty of end tables for lamps and plants
  • Neutral soft colours like grey, black, or brown
  • Simple, functional yet comfortable and relaxing
  • consider velvet fabric sofas or leather sofas for the living room
  • Two accent chairs on either side that can be brought in to complete a circle

Next, draw out on a piece of graph paper some measured arrangements of the furniture you are considering. Make sure you have enough space to fit everything and in what orientation and placement work best. With the general layout decided, you are ready to choose the style of your furniture.

Chaise Lounge Sofas

The chaise lounge sofa or long chair as it is sometimes called is a small sofa shaped like a chair but long enough to kick up your feet and rest your legs. With a history dating back to 16th century France, the chaise lounge sofa has long been associated with luxury and a status symbol of the upper class. They are perfect for relaxing after a long day before retiring to the bedroom.

Chaise lounge sofas are also well known for their use in psychologists' offices dating back to the days of Sigmund Freud himself. It is believed that patients respond better if they are lying down and their bodies relaxed. So yeah, chaise lounge sofas are super comfortable.

This type of sofa is small enough to fit in front of a bay window and compliments nicely from the side of a larger centre sofa. Modern sofa designs often incorporate the chaise lounge sofa into an L-shape corner sofa or corner lounge. Many of these modular sofas can easily switch the chaise back in fourth from the left and right side of the main section making the sofa's placement extremely versatile.

Two Seater Sofas

Sometimes referred to as a loveseat, the two-seat sofa is ideal for smaller spaces. They comfortably seat two people as the name suggests. If you have a smaller flat or want to add an extra seating area a loveseat will do nicely. Two-seater sofas come in many styles, a large range of fabrics, and with or without armrests.

Three Seater Sofas

You could say that the three-seater is the father of sofas and are found as the centrepiece of millions of living rooms around the world. Big enough to spaciously seat three and even sleep one, the three-seater sofa is one of the most popular pieces of furniture in designing a living room's arrangement.

One of the most elegant and stylish sofas you can buy has to be the Dianne three-seater curved sofa. This retro-style sofa features an exquisite curved design that is sure to bring awe and praise from your visitors.

Modular Sofa Sets

Modular sofas, also called sectionals, are a great way to ensure you can easily adapt your seating to a changing environment. The different sections of a modular sofa set are easy to move and create individual seating in your living room or other rooms in the house. Another great quality of these smart furniture sets is their ability to expand seating capacity in the future by simply adding more matching sections.

One of our more popular modular sofas is the Ivanna Fabric Sofa. Ivanna is a feminine name of Slavic origin that means a small precious gift from the heavens. This is a fitting description for this Ivanna style sectional upholstered in your choice of pink or grey high-quality durable fabrics.

Sofa Beds

Sofas that magically fold out into beds and reclining sofas are perfect for turning your living room into temporary boarding for the occasional guest. For example, the Esben Three-Seater Velvet Sofa Bed takes only seconds to fold down and is an absolute dream to sleep on. A combination of the soft and smooth texture of velvet, extra-long length, and 16cm thick spring seat cushions are guaranteed to provide your guest with a restful night's sleep.

Scandinavian Sofas

Scandinavian designed sofas are characterised by minimalism and focus on functionality. These sofas are simplistic yet have a modern and comfortable design. Because of its simple and plain appearance, the Scandinavian style sofa matches the decor of almost any living room.

Leather Lounges

Nothing says timeless luxury like a leather lounge. Brown, black, or light grey leather sofas go particularly well with classic wood furniture. Leather is extremely durable and can last a lifetime. Leather also has the advantage of being easy to clean with a wet cloth when those inevitable accidents happen.

Storage Ottomans

The easiest way to add style to your living room is to add a matching ottoman. Ottomans not only spice up the style of the room and bring the seating area together but they are also highly functional.

Ottomans can be used for sitting, kicking up your feet, or even for placing a magazine or cup of tea. Ottomans are also great for window seats and for the foot of beds as well. They come in various sizes and lengths and some ottomans even have hidden storage to keep remotes, magazines, coasters, and everything else from cluttering up the place.

Sofa Accent Chairs

Looking to add seating while maintaining the look and style of the rest of your furniture? A sofa accent chair will do the trick. Sofas with multiple seats may be perfect for intimate gatherings but adding one or two accent chairs to the mix allows for a more private yet comfortable seating choice.

There is nothing like the light swing of a rocking armchair to add charm to your sitting room. Particularly favoured by mothers and their babies, the rocking chair is the perfect choice for calming and feeding the young one while staying close to the rest of the family and a part of the action.

Lounge Suites

Still not sure how to bring it all together? We have living room packages that combine savings with proven room design styles to make choosing living room furniture as simple as one purchase. We offer bundled deals of up to 50% off RRP on sofas, lounges, coffee tables, end tables, entertainment units, accent chairs, and more smart combinations.

Purchasing a lounge suite doesn't have to be intimidating. Just imagine the furniture in your living space and ask yourself - does it feel like home? Now think about having company over... will everyone have a comfortable place to sit? In the end, if you follow your gut, you will make the right choice.

Sit Back and Relax

The living room of your dreams is only a few clicks of the mouse away. We at Luxo Living‚Ñ¢ pride ourselves on our excellent service and friendly customer care. We have an unmatched delivery policy with same day dispatch and same-day delivery options for all our in-stock sofas and lounges.

Rest assured that ordering with us, much like the lounges and sofas we sell, is a comfortable and relaxing experience. Find the perfect piece for your beloved home from our diverse selection of sofas and lounges, place your order online, sit back, relax, and let our 24/7 customer service team do all the work for you.

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