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Adding a rug to your household can make a significant difference to the floor space. They not only serve a practical purpose, but also add a stylish sense to any room. What's more, a good rug can really bring the decor and all your furniture together.

Here at Luxo Living we want to make home styling affordable for all households. Our rugs are made from Polyester, anti-slip backing material and includes a selection of a wide range of trendy and updated rug designs. These vary from the Scandinavian style to multiprint contemporary floor rugs.

But regardless of what design you go with, we understand that sometimes high delivery costs can be a dealbreaker. Buying rugs online with Luxo Living means you don't have to endure these high charges. Our delivery costs are cheap too!

Your trusted source for rugs online

We've been proudly serving families all across Australia for over 15 years. Whether you're in Adelaide, Sydney or Canberra, Luxo Living will ensure comfortable stylish furniture at affordable prices.

In addition to rugs we also offer sofas and lounges, Scandanavian furniture, office furniture, and entertainment units to name a few.

Can't find what you're looking for? Our team of experts are here to answer all your queries. Feel free to give our team a call on 02 8999 1114 (24/7) or contact us here.

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