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Discover Luxo Living's exceptional range of coffee tables and side tables, designed to elevate your living room furniture with both style and functionality. Our coffee tables come in a range of designs, from modern and sleek to classic and rustic. Whether you're looking for a marble coffee table to add a luxurious focal point or an oak coffee table for a warm, natural feel, has the perfect piece for your living space. Explore our selection of popular options such as a round coffee tables, nesting tables, or small coffee tables to find the one that suits your aesthetic.

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Enhance Your Living Space with the Perfect Side or Coffee Table

The perfect coffee table or side table can transform your living room, adding both elegance and functionality, while making the most of your available space. Luxo Living's range of high-quality, affordable tables is designed to cater to various tastes and needs. Pair your coffee table with matching side tables to create a cohesive and harmonious look. Our range includes options that complement other furniture pieces, including your sofa, armchair, accent chair or ottoman in the living room, or to match your dining table and dining chairs to help you design a wellcoordinated dining room. Whether you prefer a contemporary glass table or a more traditional wooden one, you'll find a variety of options to match your decor.

FAQs – Coffee Tables

What materials are coffee tables commonly made from?

Coffee tables can be made from a wide variety of materials, offering a range of styles and aesthetics. If you're looking for a clean and modern look then a glass top coffee table with a minimal metal or timber frame may be the perfect choice. Solid wood coffee tables such as those made from oak can create a sense of warmth and pair well with a coastal or country aesthetic. Other popular options include an industrial style with steel frames and pine tops or stand out luxury pieces including mother of pearl and marble coffee tables.

How do I style a coffee table?

Coffee tables are not just useful for keeping your cup of coffee within easy reach! Enhance your coffee table designs with decor items such as potted plants, magazines or art books, vases or quirky knickkacks. The perfect coffee table styling is a balance between function and creativity and a minimal approach can often be better in avoiding a cluttered feel, so avoid overstyling - after all you still need room to put your drink or snacks!

What is the best shape for a coffee table in a small living room?

Square or rectangular coffee tables can be a smart choice for a smaller living room, allowing you to position them in a corner or against the edge of your sofa or armchair. A nesting table set can also be a great option for compact spaces, giving you the flexibility to pull out extra surface space when you need it. If your furniture is arranged against the walls, round coffee tables can provide a stylish centrepiece that can break up too many straight lines.

How high should a coffee table be?

The ideal height for a coffee table is generally between 40 to 45 centimetres. This height typically aligns with the height of the seat cushions of your sofa or chairs, ensuring that the coffee table is comfortably accessible when seated. It's important to consider the height of your seating when selecting a coffee table to ensure it complements your living room furniture arrangement.

How do I choose the right coffee table for my living room?

Choosing the right coffee table designs for your space depends on a few factors. Considering the size of your living room and where your coffee tables will be the most effective and functional can help you determine the right width, length and shape to choose. Once you have the sizing details sorted, it's time to get creative with materials, colours and styles! Choose from timber, metal or marble coffee tables to create a statement, or keep it simple with a square or round coffee table in a more minimal style. Browse the extensive collection of affordable coffee tables on our website or visit us at our Sydney store to find the perfect piece for your needs.

Do you ship Australia Wide? 

Yes - we deliver to any Australian address accessible by road! Estimated deliver times for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide is 3-5 business days, 4-8 business days for Perth and between 5-10 business days for the rest of Australia. Orders in Sydney metro may also be eligible for same day or next day delivery - check the product page when ordering.

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