Unleashing Luxury on a Budget: Crystal Bailey's Guide to Creating Lush Interiors Without Breaking the Bank

Unleashing Luxury on a Budget: Crystal Bailey's Guide to Creating Lush Interiors Without Breaking the Bank

Posted by Luxo Living on 1/12/2023

Today we're diving into the magical world of creating a luxurious haven without burning a hole in your pocket. Yes, you heard me right – luxe for less is not just a dream; it's a reality waiting to unfold within the walls of your home and I’m going to show you how to create it with Luxo Living!

Style Your Living Room

Tip 2 - Layers make a house feel like home

If you want to create a cosy space, you will need to add layers - but make sure they are all pieces that work together and compliment each other! I love styling with books, candles and a vase with flowers, to add interesting layers and really make the coffee table a feature in the living room!

Tip 3 - Make it luxe with metallic accents

If you really want to create that luxury look in your home, add a touch of metal such as brushed brass into a piece of furniture or decor item. I am loving this Glalie Sintered Stone Coffee Table set which adds a hint of brass on the bottom, but it's enough to give it that luxury look and feel!

Style Your Dining Room

Tip 1 - Get Stoned

Now that got your attention, I didn't mean it that way ;) But stone is such a beautiful trend, that is sure to last! Organic shaped stone tables are an amazing way to create a statement in your dining room and create luxury on a budget! My absolute dream Dining table is the Tierre 200cm Concrete Indoor/Outdoor Dining Table in beige.

Tip 2 - Boucle all the way

We can't get enough of Boucle and it's easy to see why!!! These stunning boucle and solid oak dining chairs are the perfect way to compliment your dining table - not to mention the quality of these pieces are so incredible, your dining room will really feel like luxury for a fraction of the cost of the high end shops!

Tip 3 - Style it up

To make your dining setting really shine, you will need to add some decor pieces, such as a vase of flowers, candle, tray or fruit bowl! Only add 3-4 items, so your table isn't overcrowded and make sure that you group it all onto a tray to be able to move around during meal times.

Style Your Kitchen

My One Top Tip!!!

I thought I'd break up the top 3 with just one here, because I want to share that comfort and style is the most important thing when it comes to your barstools! I've chosen the Peyton Bouclé Bar Stools because they have both of these qualities! The boucle seat makes them so comfy (just scotchguard if you have kids) and the sleek black timber legs adds the luxury style, which transforms a bland kitchen into one with personality! - Also make sure they are kitchen island height 64-67cm, not bar height! I've seen this mistake happen more times than you know ;)

Style Your Bedroom

Tip 1 - Sleep on a Cloud

The dreamiest sleep starts with your bed! Choose a bed design that makes you feel like you're sleeping on cloud 9 (does this cloud even exist!) But seriously I am living this Nikias Tufted Boucle Bed Frame in White from Luxo Living because it continues the boucle obsession into the bedroom and also brightens up the whole space. It's luxury chic style on a budget!

Tip 2 - Play the flute ;)

I mean, play with fluting! Fluted tables are such a beautiful way to get a touch of luxury inside of your bedroom and these stunning Salvo 38cm Concrete Indoor/Outdoor Tables are the perfect bedside table - not to mention they are made of solid concrete, so they aren't going anywhere!

Tip 3 - Show me the layers

The best sleep happens when you have a room that feels like your own personal style, so make sure that you personalise your bedroom with layers that reflect who you are! I wanted to add a feminine luxury chic style into my bedroom, so I've used complimenting cushions with textures and patterns, along with a large cream throw to make it cosy!

Style Your Alfresco Area

Tip 1 - Rounded edges!

Does anyone else hit their legs on sharp corners or is it just me? Well these outdoor pieces by Luxo Living will stop that from happening! I'm so in love with the Lovells Concrete Indoor/Outdoor Coffee Table and it works so well with the Vernon 5 Seater Outdoor Aluminum Sofa Set in White! What a combo!!!

Tip 2 - Woven sides are a thing!

There's nothing I love more than seeing interesting outdoor furniture pieces with woven details! Gone are the days of chunk timber outdoor furniture that make your alfresco area feel dark and gloomy! These beautiful pieces are designed to make your space feel like a holiday and place that you don't want to leave!

Tip 3 - Make your space feel like a holiday!

Finishing off your alfresco area needs a few pieces to bring it to life! So add candles, cushions and plants to add your personality into your space and make it feel like an oasis!

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