Traditional vs Infrared Saunas: Which one is Right for You?

Traditional vs Infrared Saunas: Which one is Right for You?

Posted by Paulo Teodoro on 26/4/2017

The Essential Guide in Search for The Perfect Home Sauna

In the past, saunas were only a common feature in establishments that encourage a healthier lifestyle, like a spa or a gym, however, with affordable prices and individuals becoming more active, they have also become more and more popular in Australian homes. In fact, many new homes are being constructed to include either an indoor or an outdoor sauna. And, many are redesigning their current homes so they can incorporate a sauna because there simply isn’t enough time to go to a gym and workout, and because having one available means you can make sauna bathing a part of your daily routine. Plus, the extra benefit of a sauna is they make a prominent and stylish statement either inside or outside your home. Since there are indoor and outdoor saunas available to choose from, you can decide which one is right for you. You also get your choice of an infrared or traditional style, which is discussed below. This information can help you make an informed decision about which sauna is right for you.

Consider your space

You need to consider the issue of space. Depending on the size that you fancy, a sauna can take up a lot of space. Indoor saunas are limited in terms of sizes to the amount of space in your bathroom that you are willing to give up for you to install your sauna. However, outdoor saunas are very flexible in terms of space. Since their sizes are not limited to the amount of pre-existing floor space, they can be as big as you want and can have whatever design that you feel is appropriate for you.

Infrared or traditional sauna?

There’s a big difference between an infrared and traditional sauna, so this should be one of the first things you consider. If you like lots of heat and sweating, then you will enjoy a traditional sauna, like the Luxo Kivi 6 Person Traditional Finnish Sauna. The main feature of this design is the use of a classic heating stove with a supply of rocks. The rocks are placed in the stove to work in tandem with the electricity to maintain a deep, thorough heat. Once the rocks reach the desired temperature, pour water over the rocks and create steam. The temperature range for a traditional sauna is 0˚-80˚C.

Kivi 6 Person Traditional Finnish Sauna

On the other hand, if you prefer lower temperatures with deep body penetrating heat, then you may like a far-infrared sauna instead. The temperature range is 20° - 60°C.  Infrared heat has been scientifically proven to be energy efficient and easily absorbed by the body. For the homeowner, this means economical operation without limits. For the sauna user, it means a sauna experience reminiscent of a deep tissue massage. As good as that is, the advantages of infrared saunas are much greater. Infrared saunas are an innovative new way to get all the healthy and long-lasting benefits of a sauna. Infrared saunas use infrared radiation to safely and efficiently help you work up a healthy sweat. Infrared is very similar to sunlight, without the harmful ultraviolet rays, like you get with the Luxo Valo 3 Person Infrared Sauna. Whether you are looking to unwind after a long day of work or want to create a space where you can socialize and relax with friends, a sauna is a great little haven you can retreat to without even leaving the comfort of your home. Experience the infrared rays penetrate your skin, massaging your whole body and leaving you feeling rejuvenated and replenished.

Luxo Valo 3 Person Infrared Sauna (3S)

Outdoor sauna

There are also saunas designed for the outdoors. So if you prefer to have yours outside, be sure you look for one that is specifically designed for outdoor use, like the Luxo Kivi 4 Person Outdoor Finnish Steam Sauna. This specific model includes a bonus cover, which is perfect for protecting your investment it from the rain. It’s an outdoor model that seats up to 4 people and uses traditional Finnish sauna technology with a reliable Harvia sauna stove with rocks, for a fantastic experience that allows you to begin reaping the benefits during your very first session.

Luxo Kivi 4 Person Outdoor Finnish Steam Sauna

Should I look for any extras?
There are extras offered with many saunas that will make your overall sauna bathing experience even better:

  • Be sure to check warranties so you can have peace of mind when you make your purchase
  • Look for FM/CD/MP3/SD/USB/AUX IN connections so you have multiple options
  • Interior and exterior lights are important
  • Oxygen ionizer for maximal well-being
  • Interior and external control panels are beneficial
  • Digital colour light therapy

So, if you fancy having a sauna in your home, you should become familiar with the types that are available before making this kind of investment. You will find the main difference between a traditional and an infrared sauna is how it works, and ultimately, you will find that their benefits are the same.  Both types will help you reduce stress, detoxify, manage your pain, increase circulation, control weight, and combat infections and virus-based illnesses.

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