Top Tips For Feng Shui Mirror Placement

Top Tips For Feng Shui Mirror Placement

Posted by Luxo Living on 23/1/2023

Having a balanced home decorating design is important for fostering positive energy and creating a peaceful atmosphere. One technique that works wonders at balancing energy in the home is Feng Shui mirror placement - whether in your bedroom, dining room or living room.

Feng shui, an ancient Chinese practice of creating harmonious settings to maximise health and prosperity, uses mirrors to purify energies from every corner of your space.

But it’s not just random mirror placements; following some tips can make all the difference to the energy in your home.

Adding a mirror to your kitchen? Not so fast

One Feng Shui principle that should be taken into consideration is the placement of mirrors in the kitchen. According to Feng Shui, it's not recommended to place mirrors in kitchen areas as they are believed to decrease energy within the space.

According to these rules, mirrors also have unique symbolism within Chinese culture and can be thought of as symbols of vanity. Since kitchens should be peaceful havens meant for nurturing and nourishment, Feng Shui suggests avoiding the presence of anything potentially disruptive like a large mirror propped up against one wall.

Ultimately, if you're striving for these principles within your home design, omit any large reflective surfaces from the kitchen area!

Don't have a mirror hanging above your bed or sofa

According to Feng Shui principles, it is also inadvisable to place mirrors above any bed or sofa because it represents a reflection of ourselves when we are at rest and can cause feelings of unease.

Instead, Feng Shui suggests that mirrors should be placed outside of the bedroom, such as hanging on far walls, reflecting something beautiful and positive.

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Another faux pas? Placing your mirror close to your toilet

Feng Shui tells us to keep our mirror away from the toilet, as it is believed that the energy of the toilet will freely travel through the mirror and bring bad luck into our home. If your bathroom space is limited, find a different place in the house for your mirror.

Not only will this Feng Shui technique bring a peaceful energy to your home, but it also can help you create a clear mind when getting ready each morning without looking at a reflection of what lies behind you in the bathroom.

A quick Feng Shui “fix” can make all sorts of good luck come your way!

Don't place mirrors in front of your bed

Another mistake would be to place mirrors in front of your bed - Feng Shui believes it creates negative energy and amplifies the stress and anxiety in your life. So while you may be tempted to put a mirror in the room because it makes it seem more spacious or fashionable, Feng Shui warns that you should NOT do so.

But if you must hang a mirror, Feng Shui recommends hanging one up near the entranceway instead of in front of the bed.

Feel free to place mirrors in your living room

Feng Shui advocates for placing mirrors in living rooms as a means of allowing positive energy to flow throughout the house. Mirrors reflect light and this, combined with their reflective surface, adds an element of depth and dimension to any room.

Plus, strategically placed mirrors can make even the most cramped of spaces feel larger and more open! Whether you decide to go bold with a large centrepiece mirror or opt for several smaller ones instead, layering or clustering them together can also add to the appeal.

Keep your energies balanced with Feng Shui-driven furniture placement

The placement of mirrors according to Feng Shui principles can be a great way to promote positive energy within your home. Keeping in mind that it's not advised to place large mirrors in kitchens, above beds and sofas, close to toilets, or directly in front of beds, you can use mirrors as an effective tool for sprucing up any room.

By being mindful about where you hang them and why, you can easily bring harmony and peace into your home!

Achieving Feng Shui in your home is also effortless when you deck your home with timeless and high-quality pieces of furniture - shop furniture online today.


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