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Tips for Creating a Cosy Garden Retreat in Your Yard

You'll really enjoy relaxing outdoors when you create a cosy hideaway in your yard. You enjoy digging and planting in your garden, but when you stop to take a break, do you have a special place to kick back and relax? If you garden is not quite the relaxing haven that you dream of, do not worry, there are a few things you can do to make a real difference in your yard. There’s something very enchanting about escaping to a charming, quiet spot in your own garden where you can sit down to relax, enjoy a book, a cup of coffee while surrounded by the beautiful textures, sights, and smells of your own yard. While you can experience any of these things from a lawn chair placed in the middle of your backyard, the experience can be greatly enhanced in the comforting seclusion and tranquility of a private garden hideaway. Here are tips to make your planning and choosing furniture to make a cozy retreat become reality.

Add some furniture to your garden hideaway

What you choose to use is entirely up to you, and there is a huge selection of options available for you. However, if you’re just looking for a small intimate space one or two, choosing something appropriately sized for that type of setting. Sure, you could choose a large outdoor sofa and lounge setting with seating for lots of people with thick and comfy cushioning, but if the goal is to make something more private and secluded, opting for smaller pieces may be the perfect solution for your smaller spaces. Be sure to look for the materials that will withstand the harsh weather in Australia. A few suggestions follow.

Acacia wood bistro set

Acacia wood is known for its extremely high-density properties, which makes it very strong and durable, giving it excellent resistance to everyday wear and tear. This popular timber hardwood is not only of premium quality, it is also environmentally friendly and requires minimal maintenance and its high oil content repels pests and water giving you years of peaceful enjoyment. So continuing with the goal, you may consider the Luxo Aruba Timber Bistro Set. It has the perfect seating for two and it offers a spot to set your cool drinks as you take a break from working and it doesn’t take up a lot of space, so you can tuck it away in the perfect location in your yard. It’s also ideal because it’s light enough that you can move it, maybe the shade is perfect in one place in the morning and is better in another place in the afternoon. It also limits the number of people that can join, so you can consider it your own little hideaway.

Luxo Aruba 3 Piece Acacia Timber Outdoor Bistro Set

Eucalyptus solutions

Eucalyptus wood's extremely high density makes it very strong and durable giving it excellent resistance to everyday wear and tear. This high quality, kiln-dried timber is incredibly solid and requires minimal maintenance and its high oil content repels pests and water giving you years of peaceful enjoyment. Eucalyptus Hardwood is easy to maintain, environmentally friendly and sustainable. Only a small amount of love and care is required to keep up the Luxo Norfolk Twin Chair 3 Piece Eucalyptus Outdoor Twin Set, may be just what you’re looking for. This set includes two chairs with padded seats and a two-tiered table which offers plenty of room for relaxing in your favourite garden oasis.

                                                     Luxo Norfolk Twin Chair 3 Piece Eucalyptus Outdoor Twin Set - Black

Jack & Jill timber set

Relax and unwind after a busy day with your favourite person in style. The durable acacia wood is an excellent choice to withstand the elements and beautify your garden with its reddish-brown colour. You get seating for two and room on the table for drinks and a magazine. Bring home yours today and the Luxo Romford will quickly become your favourite place to relax and enjoy conversation.

Luxo Romford Timber Outdoor Twin Chair Set

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a way to breathe new life into your backyard, furniture is a great way to put the finishing touch in your outdoor space and can turn it into a quiet retreat, and, it doesn’t require lots of work or money. There’s just nothing more pleasant than having a place to take a break and relax after you’ve worked hard to take care of your garden.


Published: 06 Mar 2017