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Bed Size Guide Australian Standard Dimensions

Bed Size Guide Australian Standard Dimensions

Posted by Paulo Teodoro on 2/10/2022

Mattress and bed size guide: Do you need single, double, queen or king?

Choosing your mattress is a critical decision any homeowners should make. If you are moving in to a new home or trying to replace your old mattress, it is crucial that you know what exactly you should look for in identifying the best mattress to suit your need.

While there are a variety of mattresses being offered in the market ranging from variations in size and materials, the most critical aspect of it is choosing the right mattress for your bed size. The mattress size allows you to identify some of your sleeping requirements, which are discussed below to help you identify the perfect mattress size to fit your need.

Mattress Comparison Guide

1.      Single Size Mattress:

Single Size Mattress

The single mattress is sized 92 cm x 188 cm. The single size mattress is popular among people who sleep alone or who resides alone in their apartment, boarding house or home. This is the most common bed size for children, kids’ bed and bunk beds. Consider opting for a single bed and a single mattress if you are living alone. This is the most common bed size for children, kids’ bed and bunk beds.

Additionally, single beds also appear in small apartments where individuals live alone like boarding houses, studio rooms, bunk beds, and anything of the sorts. While you can find other ways to use a single size mattress, it's ideal for people living alone or for children transitioning to a more roomy bed.

Here are some benefits of choosing a single bed:

  • They're more affordable than other bed sizes.
  • Compact and ideal for smaller rooms.
  • They take up less space, making them ideal for small bedrooms.
  • They're easy to move, so you can rearrange your furniture with ease.
  • You don't have to worry about your partner stealing the covers!

If you're looking for a bed on a budget, or you don't have a lot of space to work with, a single bed is a great option. Just because it's the smallest size doesn't mean it can't be comfortable and stylish.

Single beds vs. Twin beds

While single beds and twin beds may look similar, there are a few key differences between the two. The biggest difference is size, as twin beds are slightly wider and longer than single beds.

Another difference between single beds and twin beds is that twin beds are designed for two people to sleep in, while single beds are meant for one person. This means that twin beds will have a bit more space to move around and be comfortable.

Ultimately, a single bed is ideal when your budget can't accommodate other mattress sizes or when you have a resting area for your small room. However, note that despite its small size, it's still comfortable and can fit in a stylish bed frame.

2.      King Single Size Mattress:

King Single Size Mattress

The king single mattress is a variation of the single size mattress. It is sized at 107 cm x 203 cm. It is perfect for those who are above average in height who are living alone. Purchasing a king single bed give you the advantage of not needing to buy another bed for your growing kid.

It's also a common option for adult students in apartments, hustles, and shared houses. If you don't own a hostel or aren't purchasing for your children, note that the bed size is also compatible with guest rooms because using a double size bed, or anything larger, may cramp up the room.

Benefits of a king single bed:

King single beds are a great option for those who need a bit more space than a single bed offers. They're also perfect for raising children or adults. Here are some benefits of choosing a king single bed:

  • You'll have plenty of space to move around and stretch out.
  • Additional space to maximise comfort.
  • King single beds are perfect for taller people or those who need a bit more space than a standard single bed offers.
  • They're also great for raising children or adults.
  • You can find king single beds in a range of materials, including timber, metal and upholstered options.

King Single beds vs. Single beds

The main difference between king single beds and single beds is size. King single beds are slightly wider and longer than single beds, making them ideal for those who need a bit more space.

Ultimately, whether you're an adult looking for a comfortable mattress that accommodates only your or in search of the right bed for your growing children, guest house, or small rooms, King Single Size mattresses are ideal. 

3.      Double Size Mattress:

Double Size Mattress

The double mattress is sized 137 cm x 188 cm. This is popular among couples as it can accommodate two persons in bed. Double size mattresses are also a great choice if you are living in a small space as a couple or installed in a spare room or sometimes a child’s room.

A double bed is also ideal for adolescents who have outgrown their childhood beds. They will surely welcome the extra space that it offers compared to a single bed. A double mattress is a great investment, as it can eventually be used in a guest room once grown children move out.

Benefits of a double bed:

As previously mentioned, the double size mattress offers plenty of room compared to the single or king size. It's comfortable for a night's rest and has sufficient area to accommodate bigger teens, couples, and single children adults. 

Here are a few more benefits of choosing a double bed:

  • Double beds are one of the most popular bed sizes in Australia.
  • They offer ample space for couples or individuals who want more room for themselves.
  • Double beds are available in a range of styles, from traditional to contemporary.
  • They're a great choice for people who want a comfortable night's sleep.

4.      Queen Size Mattress:

Queen Size Mattress

The queen size mattress is around 153 cm x 203 cm in size. This is popular among couples as it affords a much wider size for both couples to fit. As for the room symmetry, the queen size mattress fits accordingly to standard rooms today and is very space efficient. Consider getting a queen size mattress if you are staying in a spacious home as a couple.

It's no surprise why it's common amongst couples as the width allows for a comfortable night's rest and can accommodate any turns and twists you make while asleep. Furthermore, the queen size bed fits according to standard rooms today and won't appear out of place or non-symmetrical when brought into your chambers.

The queen size mattress is best for couples that desire space but can also be ideal for individuals with a taste for luxury. 

Benefits of a queen bed:

Queen beds offer plenty of space for couples or individuals who want more room for themselves. Here are some benefits of choosing a queen bed:

  • Offer more space than a twin bed. This can be beneficial for individuals who want to have more room to move around during the night.
  • Can provide a good night's sleep for couples or individuals who often toss and turn during the night. The extra space can help to reduce the amount of tossing and turning that occurs.
  • Good choice for people who want to add a bit of luxury to their sleeping space. The larger size can make a queen bed feel more like a hotel room than a standard bedroom.
  • Good choice for people who have pets that like to sleep in the bed with them. The extra space can help to provide enough room for the pet to sleep comfortably.
  • Queen beds can also be a good choice for people who want to use their bed for other purposes, such as working or reading. The extra space can help make it easier to move around in the bed without feeling cramped.

Double beds vs. Queen beds

The main difference between double beds and queen beds is size. Double beds are slightly smaller than queen beds, making them ideal for couples or individuals who want plenty of space for themselves.

The queen size mattress extra space is its selling point since it gives you more movement during sleep, allows for task completion, and lets you share the bed with your significant other or pet. 

5.      King Size Mattress:

King Size Mattress

The king-size mattress is technically the biggest mattress size of them all. While there are variations to the dimensions of the king-size mattress, the standard measure is 183 cm x 203 cm.

The king-size mattress offers a wide space that also requires a wide room space to fit. Your room space should also be considered, as the mattress itself can occupy a large area in your room.

The king-size mattress offers a wide space to even accommodate sleeping space for children and pets on your bed. Just make sure that there is extra space in your room to make sure you can freely and comfortably move around the area.

Here are some benefits of owning a king size mattress:

  • More breathing space while sleeping.
  • A bigger bed eases ant soreness, joint aches, and pressure in the long run.
  • Allows you to complete other tasks like working and reading. 

6.      Super King Size Mattress:

Super King Size Mattress

The  super king-size mattress is a variation of the king-size mattress. It’s a larger mattress, offering an additional 20 cm on width.

As the largest bed and mattress available, they provide an unbeatable amount of space. This is ideal for families that want to squeeze together on Sunday mornings or if you just value a lot of space.

This enormous extra space is an unbeatable amount commonly used by couples but mostly families to squeeze together and enjoy a movie or spend quality time. It's ideal if you prioritise space but the extra space is massive. 

Factors to Consider When Buying A Mattress

Before acquiring your new mattress for your home, children, hostel, or single room, there are some important factors to consider. These elements will help pick the best option and enjoy your purchase months or years later.

Here what you need to consider:

1. Budget

First understand how much you're willing to spend on a new mattress as this action will help to keep your bank balance in check and prevent you from getting ripped off. Essentially, take your time to research the price range for your desired mattress before going shopping.

2. Mattress Size

The mattress size is often determined by your lifestyle such as whether you live alone, have a partner, have kids, use the bed often, etc. Also, your bedroom size dictates your bed's dimensions as a larger room can accommodate a queen or king size bed, while a smaller one is ideal for a single, king single, or double size mattress.

3. Mattress Firmness

Your mattress firmness comes down to your preference as there is no wrong or right answer. Simply choose the one you enjoy the most as the options include:

  • Plush beds – adjusts to your body’s curves
  • Medium beds – a balance between soft and firm
  • Firm beds – ideal for stomach sleepers and people that prefer a rigid sleeping surface.

Our Final Say

Did the above characteristics of the different mattress sizes help you decide on your next mattress purchase? If so, we hope you pick out the best choice for your needs! We firmly believe that everyone is entitled to a decent night’s sleep, We at Luxo Living strive to make our quality products highly affordable while providing comfort and promising quality. Although there are other concepts you should consider, such as materials and structures, we hope that this guide help you identify the best mattress dimension for your home.

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Understanding these dimensions is one way to purchase the perfect bed for your current living situation. The single Mattress and single king size mattress are perfect for living alone, while the Double, Queen, and king size mattresses provide enough space for multiple sleepers.

Hopefully, this guide is sufficient in identifying the best mattress dimension for your living space. Happy shopping.

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