Special Edition Chairs with The DIY Decorator

Special Edition Chairs with The DIY Decorator

Posted by Luxo Living on 11/11/2019

luxo living x thediydecorator

thediydecorator Luxo Living, an affordable Australian based furniture retail company, has joined forces with an interior decorating guru Zoe Gilpin (who is well-known as The DIY Decorator) to launch special edition velvet accent chairs at a whooping special price of $279.

“This is our first crossover collaboration with an interior stylist to launch our furniture” says Winston Tu, CEO of Luxo Living. “We are very thrilled to have Zoe collaborating with us to work on these amazing chairs. Zoe has a huge following on the social media space of over 100k followers. Her audience loves her styling and decorating advice ranging from how to style up a bed and doing a bit of DIY on furniture, to shopping comparison. Zoe and Luxo Living share a common objective which is to provide the best values to Australians so we have decided to team up together to show consumers how you can #saveorsplurge (Zoe’s favourite Instagram hashtag)”.

“Some people believe that home decorating is expensive and there’s no way they could afford to hire someone to help. Or that they don’t know where to start and feel overwhelmed by the whole process.” says Zoe “I believe that anybody can decorate. Sometimes with a little guidance. And affordable guidance at that!”

“Spending less on a particular piece of furniture does not mean you will always get superior quality. In fact, high-end retailers often charge a bigger mark-up and this is what you are paying for. You can spend $1100+ on a similar chair like our special edition chairs elsewhere but we are only going to do it for $279.” Says Winston. “With today’s economy, it is very difficult for many people to splurge on decorating their home. And we want to let everyone have access to quality furniture without a luxurious price tag. No more big mark-ups, allows Australians to enjoy stylish, guilt-free furniture shopping. You spend most of your life working to pay off your home. You want to feel comfortable and excited to come home from a busy day of work.”

This coming Sunday 17th November, Australians will be able to access and purchase these special edition velvet accent chairs via Luxo Living’s website

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