Winter Season: How to Stay Warm and Cosy Throughout

Winter Season: How to Stay Warm and Cosy Throughout

Posted by Luxo Living on 13/6/2023

The Winter season brings a dark and colder environment alongside shorter days spent indoors. This means you'll be curled up, either cuddled with your loved ones or in a warm blanket keeping yourself entertained.

However, achieving this goal of being curled up and cuddled requires a home prepared for winter, which means incorporating multiple cosy elements. Some may include a warmer blanket, couch, décor, and lighting.

This article will guide you to prepare and ensure you're cosy and comfortable this winter. Let us offer professional tips on effective ways to keep warm and comfortable this winter, allowing you to enjoy the season with friends and family.

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Pro Tip: Only Swap Out Small accessories

While you're guaranteed to replace some home items with winter necessities to promote comfort during the cold season, there's a right way to approach the situation. The most pressing recommendation is only to substitute smaller items and accessories since replacing larger pieces of furniture is an unrealistically cumbersome task.

This means leaving your dining table, sofa, and shelf alone; instead, change bed fabrics, endow your coach with an insulting cover, get better insulating rugs, etc. Opting for inexpensive changes allows you to adapt to winter without feeling overwhelmed, and besides, these minor changes are sufficient to make your winter cosy and comfortable.

How to Stay Warm and Cosy During Winter

Winter is often frowned upon because of the freezing temperature, gloomy weather, decreased activities, etc. Since you'll spend more time indoors, here are some professional tips to stay warm this season.

These include:

1. Warm up your Floors

The cold dark days of winter mean you're spending most of your time indoors; unfortunately, the winter air can chill your floor, making it very uncomfortable to step on. This issue is most apparent when getting off your warm bed or couch only to encounter a freezing floor.

To combat this misfortune, we recommend warming up your floor with rugs; this excellent indoor décor adds beauty to your home while ensuring your toes have a warm haven to rest whenever you're on the bed or couch.

For an effective rug, acquire one made with an insulating material like wool or cotton, trapping heat and staying resistant to the cold winter air.

2. Cover up with Curtains

Curtains are often used as indoor decorative pieces to control how much light enters a space while keeping the window visually appealing. It's also worth mentioning that curtains can help reduce how much cold escapes your shut windows.

The cold winter air often escapes closed windows as drafts, seeping into the home and dropping the indoor temperature. With Curtains, you can trap this air leak, preventing it from significantly affecting your living space's temperature.

We recommend using heavy and insulating curtains as they can catch and absorb these cold drafts better than light summer curtains.

3. Snuggle with Insulating Blankets

Snuggling up with an insulating throw blanket is a familiar image many may have when imagining spending winter indoors. This imagination is plausible as it's an effective way to stay warm, cosy, and comfortable during freezing weather.

We recommend investing in an insulating blanket material like fur, wool, flannel, or any classic winter fabric. Also, consider getting multiple winter covers to double up on the duvet, creating layers for better insulation against the cold.

*Note: Owning multiple insulating blankets allows you to share with guests whenever needed.

4. Ignite your Fireplace

What better season makes fireplaces most valuable, if not winter? The freezing atmosphere is sufficient to gather some wood and activate the indoor flames. Besides keeping you warm, it's a visually appealing spectacle that adds character to your living space.

Suppose you use a heater and don't need a fireplace; you can still purchase an artificial one for the decorative benefit. The flames dancing in your living room add to the winter aesthetic, immersing you and your guests in the season.

5. Beautify your Tables

It's common to forget dining tables and coffee tables when applying decorative elements to immerse oneself in an occasion or season. Your tables contribute to your home's aesthetics and need attention this winter.

Therefore, consider using napkins, tablecloths, runners, and placemats to beautify the table in classic winter fashion. You can also incorporate winter toys and figurines, snow globes, flowers, and other items on theme with the season.

6. Opt for Warmer Lighting

Incorporating more lights to combat the gloomy winter season while keeping the lights soft and warm is an excellent way to feel relaxed at this time of the year. This option helps to create a warm glow, contributing to the feeling other winter decorations provide.

You can make this adjustment by contacting an electrician to install a dial controlling the bulb's intensity. Alternatively, you can buy LED light bulbs with different tones and a remote control that regulates brightness.

7. Warm Up the Bed

The bed is your place for rest, relaxation, and peace; achieving this state requires it to feel comfortable even during winter. Therefore, swapping out those summer sheets, duvets, and pillows for a warmer variant is best.

We recommend softer and insulating fabrics like cotton, fleece, or velvet as they feel gentle on the skin, contributing to the cosiness. Also, ensure the colour chosen for your new bedding additions pair correctly with the theme selected for the bedroom, as contrasting colours can feel uncomfortable in your resting place.

8. Use Warm Colours

Colors contribute to the feeling and mood your home generates, and if you're dedicated to making your surroundings as comfortable as possible, opt for Warmer colours. Choosing cosy colours helps beat the chill winter atmosphere by reassuring the mind visually.

Note that you don't need to repaint your wall, but injecting accessories like art collections, decorative pieces, flower pots, and even wallpapers can be sufficient. Some recommended colours include olive green, dark orange, rusty red, and mustard yellow, as they balance the gloomy theme of winter.

9. Invite Nature

Winter will keep you indoors, and the snow and chilly atmosphere threatens to freeze your fingers. To keep interacting with the great outdoors, you can invite elements from nature straight into your home.

These elements can include unique plants, wood furniture, decorative rocks, and even frames for some fallen leaves. Incorporating elements from nature helps to create a relaxing mood since you feel connected to the great outdoors.

10. Try Candles

Candles are often associated with setting the mood for romantic dinners; however, they're also ideal for winter. Setting up candles at strategic places throughout the home helps to create a cosy atmosphere instantly.

If setting up multiple candles feels challenging, consider putting a few on the centre or dining table. This action makes that mildly lit area a point of attraction while also introducing ambience to the dark winter atmosphere.

*Note: Ensure to monitor candles irrespective of location as they can quickly become a safety hazard when used near flammable items like wool, fur, and wood.

Bonus: Dealing with Cabin Fever

Cabin fever is the feeling of anger, irritation, or boredom from being indoors for too long, which can happen during this winter. You should prepare for this possibility if you spend your days indoors rather than being interested in family and friends.

In this case, we recommend the following:

  • Create a reading spot

A reading spot allows you to escape the cycle of binge-watching Netflix, playing video games, or working on a job with short breaks. Your reading zone will enable you to find a book, curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and devour a book, magazine, or educational material from your tablet or hardcopy.

  • Setup and entertainment area

Your entertainment area should contain photos, puzzles, or even digital games to keep you and your guests occupied while indoors. Besides keeping your mind busy, this decorated area adds some personality to the interior décor, killing two birds with one stone.

  • Try a new recipe

Learning to bake or cook a new type of dish while indoors this winter can be rewarding. It engages your mind, keeps you excited, and rewards your taste buds if the product comes out excellently.

However, if your Cabin Fever worsens despite trying new ways to engage your mind, consider inviting guests to interact with you and enjoy your winter-themed interior decoration.

Let's Help You Get Cosy!

Winter is coming, and adjusting to the freezing temperatures can be a hassle; you'll need to get thicker bed covers, blankets, and socks alongside an insulating rug, curtain, and more.

Fortunately, we can help you with suggestions and a vast inventory containing all you need to feel comfortable alone or with the company this winter.

What are you waiting for? Visit our website and let's get you ready for the coming winter. 

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