How To Make The Ultimate Pillow Fort

How To Make The Ultimate Pillow Fort

Posted by Luxo Living on 6/2/2023

Are you in need of an escape? A place to hide away and relax with a good book or binge your favourite show without interruption? Building a pillow fort is a great way to create your own personal sanctuary, right in the comfort of your home – and with some basic materials and just a little bit of time, you can construct the perfect hideaway that will give you plenty of space to relax and take it easy.

To get you on your way, we'll be giving you all the tips and tricks needed for designing, building, and styling your dream pillow fort!

Step one: Find the perfect spot for your pillow fort

Pillow forts are a beloved part of childhood. When it comes to finding the perfect spot, think big! Look around your home or yard to find a location that has ample space and secure walls – such as a living room corner or an enclosed patio. Think about what type of environment would make you happy, like somewhere cosy with lots of pillows to snuggle up in, or somewhere open with colourful blankets strewn across the walls.

Don't forget to bring in special items like lighting and snacks that will make the fort yours – this is sure to help create an especially inviting lodging.

Step two: Gather your supplies

Gather up your comfy cushions in your living space, and bring out any extra blankets or sheets you have lying around – you'll be needing as much material as you can get for the most awesome fort.

Take all your supplies and let your imagination run wild to design the structure of your choice. Whether you prefer a teepee or an igloo, building a unique pillow fortress is tons of fun that will definitely make some great memories.

Step three: Add your base

For the perfect pillow fort, adding a mattress or mat on the floor provides a comfort and cosiness that cannot be beat. Snuggling up in your own private space can help you feel relaxed and content.

With some blankets, pillows, and string lights, you'll have an amazing spot to hangout--day or night.

Step four: Set your structure up

Building the perfect pillow fort takes extra effort, and the most important part of it all is making sure there's enough chairs to hold up your furry fortress.

Chairs are crucial for a safe and secure fort, as you'll want ones that are sturdy yet lightweight so that your blanket walls will stay neat and tight. While most chairs should suffice, getting creative with your chair setup can be a lot of fun. You could try repurposing some furniture or experimenting with different types of seating, like bean bags or stools.

Step five: Throw a sheet over it

Simply throw the sheet over the chair backs and in one easy move you can create a span of fabric that will transform your room into a private and comfortable hideaway.

And remember to hold the sheet in place by placing heavy objects, like books, on the part of the sheet that falls over the chairs!

Step six: Create the entrance to your pillow fort

One popular way to create an entrance to your pillow fort is by laying out two lengths of blanket parallel to each other, and then draping another blanket over them in an arch shape to form a "doorway." Then, you can take some extra pieces of fabric or ribbon and use them as handles (complete with dramatic pulling motions) when entering your cosy abode.

Whether you decide on the classic method or spice things up with decorations, your pillow fort will be ready whenever you need it.

Step seven: Enjoy yourself!

With your pillow fort all set, you can now enjoy a cosy night in with your friends or family. Unwind by reading a good book, listening to music, watching movies, playing board games, having movie nights - the possibilities are endless!

Make your pillow fort your escape!

Making a pillow fort is an exciting and creative task that can bring hours of fun. With a few simple items, anyone can create their own private world and enjoy the peace, comfort and relaxation it brings. Now go forth and make your very own special place!

And if you want all the props to create the ultimate fort, browse Luxo Living's selection of must-haves for every room in your home.


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