How to Choose the Right Sofa for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Sofa for Your Home

Posted by Paulo Teodoro on 19/8/2020

What are things to keep in mind when picking the right sofa?

You may not have known it, but there are more considerations when purchasing a sofa than simply its colour and how cosy it feels. Size, style, shape and versatility as well as the way it works with your lifestyle are all factors that come into the fray when selecting the right sofa for your home.

Ensure you make the following considerations when selecting your dream sofa.


It happens so often that someone selects a sofa that is out of proportion with the room, being either too small or too big. You don’t want to purchase a sofa that is far too big for your living room – it looks bizarre and does nothing more than get in the way.

You must ensure that you measure the dimensions of the living room, allowing ample space to be able to walk around and past the sofa, as well as factoring in the heights of windows.

Leather or Fabric?

Whilst a shining white sofa may look amazing in its early days, is it something you won’t mind having cleaned down the track? If you’re looking for a light coloured sofa, consider choosing leather, it is easier to clean than fabric.

However, fabric can be more comfortable than leather, as well as its colour and pattern versatility. Does the sofa have removable covers that are washable? Not only this, are the legs metallic or timber? This can also make a difference when it comes to wear over time.

The Different Styles of Sofa

Is your living room industrial in style, or does it take on a more relaxed, seaside feel? The style and design of sofa you select has to work to complement the pre-existing style of the living room. Does the sofa have metallic or timber legs? Is it elevated from the floor and gives the room a feeling of added space, or does it take on that country homestead look, sitting low to the ground? These are all things you need to consider when choosing the style of sofa.

Things to Remember

It is important to remember the following things when purchasing your sofa. Combined with the aforementioned, you should be able to pick the perfect sofa for your living room.


  • Is it comfortable? Comfort, naturally, is key to a winning sofa.
  • A modular sofa may be a better option for those who rent, or two smaller sofas that can be easily moved.
  • Elevate the sofa, select one that sits off the ground and isn’t so bulky. It will help make the room look bigger.
  • Make a colour selection that also complements the colour of the floor and other furnishings in the room.
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