How do infrared saunas work?

How do infrared saunas work?

Posted by Luxo Living on 20/10/2022

How do infrared saunas work?

Today, leading a healthy, wholesome lifestyle is more accessible than ever. Health and wellness opportunities are abundant; from home gyms to online workout classes, you’re spoilt for choice if you want to lead an active lifestyle.

One of the most interesting ways homeowners are taking it a step further and improving their health and wellbeing, however, is through infrared saunas. Using cutting-edge technology, they provide a range of benefits, from detoxification and weight loss to relief from sore muscles and tension headaches – so if you’ve been eyeing saunas online, this could be the sign you’ve been waiting for!

What are infrared saunas?

An infrared sauna uses light to create heat, unlike a traditional sauna which heats the air around you. The light penetrates your skin and heats your body directly, providing a deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level, where most toxins reside.

The idea is to raise your body temperature to promote sweating and detoxification - when your body temperature rises, your heart rate also increases, leading to amazing health benefits like improved blood circulation and enhanced cardiovascular health.

Given the near-zero effort you need to put in — and how enjoyable an in-home sauna can be – investing in one might just be the best move for your health and fitness routine. Whether you’re looking for a four-person infrared home sauna or a model for just you and your partner, like this deluxe red cedar sauna, there’s an almost endless variety to choose from.

If you need a little more convincing, here are a few facts you might want to know!

Infrared saunas may help you maintain a healthy weight

Making a sauna part of your fitness regime may lead to better weight management given how it burns calories and reduces stress hormones. Whether before or after your workout, you can enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet inside while you stay on top of your weight management goals!

They boost relaxation and relieve tension

The heat generated by infrared saunas can help to relax the muscles, relieving pain, stress, and tension. For most people today, this is one of the biggest motivations behind a healthier lifestyle - and a sauna can help you achieve that in just a few minutes from the comfort of your home.

Infrared saunas boost blood circulation

The increased heart rate caused by an infrared sauna like this two-person carbon fibre infrared home sauna can lead to improved blood circulation throughout the body. This is essential to achieving a number of health benefits and is perfect for people who may struggle with intense cardio workouts and other forms of exercise.

They’re amazing for your skin

The sweat generated by an infrared sauna can help to flush out impurities and improve the appearance of the skin. Given the amount of money most people spend on keeping their skin crystal clear, an easier way to achieve magazine-worthy skin is by investing in top-notch saunas for your home!

They’re energy-efficient

Because infrared saunas heat the body directly, they use less energy than traditional saunas, which doesn't just make it energy-efficient but great for your carbon footprint too. As we try to move towards a higher standard of living and take better care of the climate, saunas like this are a completely future-focused solution for people who want to be healthy without the hassle. And if you get yourself a number like a hemlock carbon fibre home sauna cabin, it’s also just great to look at!

They encourage better sleep

After a long day of work, getting a good night's rest can be a little harder to manage than you think. One of the biggest benefits of an infrared sauna is that the heat will help you relax – your increased heart rate will also lead to improved sleep quality. If you want to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated without rigorous sleep routines or medication, a sauna may be the miracle you've been waiting for.

Your questions on infrared saunas

How much do infrared saunas cost?

While your initial investment might be a little higher compared to other, run-of-the-mill home projects, infrared saunas are cheaper to operate in the long run, given their incredible energy savings (not to mention the medical bills you could probably save with all the health benefits you enjoy!).

What maintenance do saunas require?

Here's the best part - these saunas are also pretty easy to take care of. The main thing you need to do is make sure the area around your sauna is clean and free of any debris that could cause a fire. Other than that, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the heat.

Do I need a special room?

No! While you might want to set up your sauna in a dedicated space like a home gym or spa room, you can also put it in your bedroom, bathroom, or any other room that has enough space and ventilation.

Can I use a sauna if I'm pregnant?

You should check with your doctor first, but generally speaking, infrared saunas are safe for pregnant women. The heat can help to relieve muscle pain and tension, and the increased heart rate can also lead to better sleep. Just make sure you stay hydrated and take it easy!

Support your wellbeing with an infrared sauna

There’s nothing like coming back at the end of a long day and winding down. Now, imagine taking a break in a home sauna that’s not just incredibly beneficial for your health but also affordable to maintain and operate.

That’s what we call a win-win! Shop our full range of infrared saunas today.


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