Gender neutral twin kids bedroom

Gender neutral twin kids bedroom

Posted by TUBU KIDS on 24/4/2020

Photographer: David McGowan
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Catherine McGowan from Tubu Kids blog set out to create a fun kids room for her twins where they could stay in their own bed and enjoy a great night's sleep. Starting with a mood board her idea came to life, allowing Catherine to reclaim her bedroom.

With style and budget in mind, Catherine designed her twin's room in a fun gender-neutral colour scheme. The kid's room was designed around the single tent bed trend, Catherine bought the teepee tent beds from Luxo Living in natural timber for just $198. “They are fabulous! Great quality, easy to install and budget-friendly. For the ‘mosquito net’ camping feel, I used sheer fabric which Nanna made into drapes for us.”

At Luxo Living, when it comes to kids' furniture we're here to help. From cute house beds,  teepee beds to suit toddlers and small children to stylish beds any teen would love. We stock space-saving twin bunk beds and trundle beds for sleepovers and those who need extra room. If you're looking for a modern, contemporary girl's bed or boy's bed, our single and king single bed range will not disappoint. All Luxo kid's beds frames are great value for money, high quality and designed to last.

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