Furniture Trends this Year (New Guide)

Furniture Trends this Year (New Guide)

Posted by Emma Blomfield on 31/1/2019

Key Trends in Home Decor to Try This Year According to A Successful Interior Designer

Welcome to a brand-new year full of opportunity and styling potential for your home furniture! There’s something quite fun about starting a new year with a big clean out and refresh of your home, it’s like you’re resetting your entire life and ready for all the great opportunities to come rolling in.

We shouldn’t necessarily follow decorating trends for the sake of following trends. We should all be purchasing products that reflect things we love and will continue to love for years to come. However, incorporating certain elements of design styles throughout the year is a fun way to inject some personality into your home so here is a list of a couple of up and coming trends you’ll likely see more of this year and how you can work them into your own home schemes.

Just by adding a mid-century art deco could help boost your style especially in the living room. There's still a lot of styling trends to choose from and you can do them all by yourself. Here are some example from one of the most successful interior designer in Australia, Emma Blomfield.

Back to Nature

Let’s go back to nature with really earthy tones such as terracotta, eucalyptus and ocean blue. These colours tend to work well with neutral tones in terms of your sofa colours and bed linens. Use them as accent colours or have them as the highlight colour front and centre on your bed. Incorporating some natural materials such textured leathers also help get your home feeling like it’s headed back to nature too.

wicker egg chair


Relaxed Modern

In an age where everyone appears to be renovating some area of their home and bring the house into the modern era, how do you avoid it from feeling fussy? Easy! A key trend is to use textured timbers to make the room feel a little more relaxed. So instead of choosing a highly polished, slick coffee table, why not try and use some more rustic rough textures for your coffee table and side table to contrast against your TV unit and dining chairs and table. Colours to consider are deep greys and soft colour palettes like blues and sage greens. Large deep sofas are cosy to curl up on and give off an instantly relaxing vibe. Throw a couple of chunky knitted throw rugs on the sofa for extra warmth in the cooler months.

sofa bed



Probably one more for the bedroom than any other room in the house but why not experiment with adding some blush pinks, overscale floral prints, crystals and sheepskins to your bedroom. Orchids (real or faux) are a nice styling element to add to the room to give it a bit of life too. To make the room feel extra fancy, try using a big statement bedhead to really give off that romantic vibe.

Bedroom Furniture | Luxo Living


Use Bold Colors

Feeling a little risky?! Let’s spice things up at home with the use of rich velvet worked back with brass accents like door knobs, table legs and table lamp bases. Add in some smooth elements like marble or terrazzo. These don’t have to be kitchen floors and benchtops, you can incorporate marble and terrazzo in small dishes you place on your dining table or coffee table and they still have a similar effect. Go super plush with the carpet choice in the bedroom and pair it back with ornate wallpaper behind the bedhead for a super bold statement. And lastly, when choosing colours, you can’t go wrong with some luxurious jewel tones like emerald, sapphire or ruby. Yummy!  



6-seater sofa bed


About the Author


Emma BlomfieldEmma Blomfield isn’t one to sit still. She runs a successful interior styling business ( and in 2015 she launched The Decorating School, an online school that teaches homeowners how to decorate their homes with confidence. These roles make use of her natural flair for interiors and styling, her passion for online marketing and ecommerce and her unrivalled knowledge of homewares and furniture suppliers. 

Emma’s previous experience as a property stylist and with an online furniture and homewares store gave her the industry exposure she needed to set up her own business. She spotted a gap in the market for e-decorating and has pioneered making interior design accessible, affordable and available via the web to homeowners and renters across Australia. 

Emma consults in person in Sydney. Her high-profile jobs include styling the homes of pop star Guy Sebastian and X-Factor winner Samantha Jade. She also travels around Australia, bringing her decorating knowledge to a wider audience by teaming up with homewares retailers and teaching locals the principles of decorating and styling through interactive workshops. She has appeared in numerous TV segments, magazines and newspapers, demonstrating her styling skills.


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