Five Common Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Five Common Decorating Mistakes to Avoid


As we grow older, very few things manage to give us as much pleasure as they would in our younger years. Among the very few pleasures of life are having a well-styled, modern and tastefully decorated home.

Nothing can beat the pride a homeowner feels in decorating a home that is artistic and fetches compliments from all. But often, many common mistakes ruin the space personalization process and does not accomplish the outclass look one envisions.

If you’re treading on a home-decorating journey too, here are some common mistakes you must avoid. In doing so, you will surely achieve the right feel and look for your home.

1. Failing to Define a Style 

The most common mistake home decorators often make is failing to define a style before they launch the decoration process. When you fail to define a style, you deprive yourself of the opportunity of discovering and determine what you would love in your space.

Your home is your personal domain, hence it should have all that you love and leave out all that you dislike. You want your home to give you good vibes every time. This can only happen if you do it according to the styles that appeal to all your senses.

To define your style, you must research and plan your vision first. Use mood boards, images and samples to guide your vision. Some of the common styles that homeowners generally choose include:

  • Scandinavian
  • Hamptons
  • Art deco
  • Industrial
  • French provincial

But here’s another interesting thing: it’s best to give free rein to your creativity and imagination. Instead of sticking to just one, you could mix complementary styles and create something unique. Whatever you do, remember to first define your style before you go shopping for materials.

2. Set Your Budget and Work within it

Many of us are impulsive buyers and we’re not blaming you if you are. We too are guilty of it because often it is impossible to resist the many eye-catching home accessories and stylish furniture models in the markets.

But the fact is, your heart will always desire more than it needs. However, rather than giving in to it, sticking to your budget is the best approach. You must prioritize your needs: a good start is to rank the pieces of furniture in order of priority. Then identify the function you will require of each piece and further finalize what you absolutely need and what you can do without. For instance, you may not be able to compromise on recliners or loungers for the poolside but may not really need a rattan set for the outdoors. Hence, shop for only what is an absolute must for the spaces in your home while leaving out what is an extravagance but not necessity.

3. Hoarding Old, Outdated Oversized Furniture

We’re living in a smart age where anything oversized and gigantic is no longer compatible with our lifestyles. Oversized furniture pieces were once the norm but now they’re nothing besides an inconvenience.

They occupy precious space, are hard to maintain and don’t even look good. Therefore, we recommend giving grandma’s stuffy couches away and modernizing your home. When you’re redecorating or doing up your home, it would be grade to trade outdated sofas with modern 2/3 seater sofas.

You can liven up the place even more with an accent chair or two. Trust us; a seating plan like this will add tons of charming character while saving up precious space in your home.

4. Styling Your Home to Suit the Latest Trend

Many of us believe that styling our home to align it with the latest interior design trends is the way forward. While we do believe modernizing a home is the key goal of a decoration project, we tend to slightly sway from the general misconception.

It is our opinion that keeping the furnishing simple is the better approach and not the other way around. You see, by choosing pieces that are classic and age well, you will not have to redecorate very often, just to stay ahead of trends.

On the contrary, choosing particular trendy themes will soon make your furniture and style look outdated once the trend fizzles out. Instead, try to choose well-designed pieces that will last long, is practical and will compliment your personal style.

5. Overdoing It

We know your home is your kingdom but remember the goal is to make it look as beautiful and aesthetically pleasing as can be. Overdoing it is going to completely ruin the chic sophistication you want.

Decorating a home is one of life’s most pleasurable experiences but it wouldn’t be as much if you crammed your place till it loses its character. Hence, only stick to key pieces and keep a simple decorating plan.

Use paint coats for freshening up old rooms. Also, if you have furniture pieces in optimal condition, reuse them with a fresh new colour. Why throw away perfectly fine pieces and waste money when you can simply recycle?

Final Thoughts

A well-styled and decorated home is a source of great joy and pride for homeowners and their families. With our blog, you’ll surely accomplish a neat, chic and highly pleasing personal space.

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