Fire Pit- Here’s what to Do with Yours

Fire Pit- Here’s what to Do with Yours


Fire pits are a tremendous tool and the beauty of having those in Sydney is that they’re useful all year round. Freezing winter nights are finally easing in Australia and you can now look forward to the beautiful warmer spring weather.

With nights becoming less windy and more suitable for outdoor jams, it’s great to start planning fun gatherings around your fire pit. Did you think that the advent of warmer days means you have to pack your fire pit until the next winter season rolls by? If you did, then we’re about to surprise you.

A fire pit can be a cause for lots of fun, relaxation and good times under the starlit sky with family and friends. Here are some wonderful tips to keep your fire pit burning through all the seasons this year.

1. Extended Lockdown- Take Your Party Outdoors

Since the pandemic continues to rage, NSW and Sydney will remain under lockdown all through the month of August and likely September too. Now that we’re all going to be spending even more time at home, it wouldn’t hurt to plan some special family time.

Got a nice space outdoors? Why not plan an outdoor cinema night by the fire? You could create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere with dozens of floor cushions, popcorns and your giant screen outside. This plan is sure to please every member, regardless of how young or old.

After all, can you really think of anything better than your favourite movie on screen and a bowl of piping caramel popcorns? In fact, you get not just all of that but also a cozy fire under an open sky. Sounds like a fairytale to us!

2. Outdoor Backyard Camping

With the lockdown in place, a fun weekend of camping in the woods is not possible for the next month at least. But have you ever thought your backyard can be the perfect camping venue in the meantime? Surprised right?

It really is simple and we promise you, the experience will be one of the most cherishing ones for you and the family. If you’ve got a camping tent, then it’s even better. Simply prop it up in your backyard, as far away from the house as possible.

Then light your fire pit and gather the children and your partner close together and sit around the fire, just as you would in the woods. If anyone in the family plays the guitar, bring it out and jam together as a family. Keep the snacks and beverages rolling, while the family laughs and bonds like never before.

You could spice up things even more with a BBQ dinner at the camp. After all, which camp is ever complete without a grilled dinner? Spear some sausages and veggies over the fire pit and give the family a delectable treat. There can’t be a more splendid use of the incredible tool!

3. Toasting Marshmallows

Now here’s another beautiful advantage of having a fire pit. You can camp all you like in your backyard and let the kids have a delightful time too, without suffering a campfire hassle. A fire pit gives you the good stuff directly.

You just have to get it roaring and start toasting the marshmallows away. Oh and that’s not all. It’s a weekend of camping remember? You’d have a lot more fun making s’mores and hot dogs too!

4. Create a Cozy Ambience

Even when lockdown comes to an end and you can start inviting a few more family members and friends over, use the fire pit for ambience. An intimate outdoor dinner, a bonfire night or a night of drinks and jamming at the beach will love the ambience a fire pit will create.

The mesmerizing orange-golden glow from the flames and the sound of the fire crackling will just add more serenity and coziness to the scene. Oh and let’s not forget, tons of romance too!

Final Thoughts

A fire pit is multipurpose and has versatile uses. From being a handy warmth-providing tool during the freezing winter nights in Australia to amplifying your party scenes, it can work wonderfully. Now that socializing and outdoor excursions are not an option due to the lockdown, it’s best to start planning activities at home.

Shop now and use our fire pit for a ton of delightful activities, including backyard camping, outdoor cinema nights and lots more. Your kids will never stop thanking you for the fun, trust us!

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