Feng Shui Your Way to Abundance in 2024

Feng Shui Your Way to Abundance in 2024

Posted by Jane Langof (Award-winning Feng Shui master) on 18/1/2024

2024, the year of the Dragon, is upon us! Lunar New Year is a prime opportunity to rejuvenate the energy in your living spaces. As a Feng Shui Master and designer, I'm thrilled to partner with Luxo Living to guide you in transforming your home into a harmonious sanctuary of love, health, and success – all without breaking the bank.


Tip 1 - Welcome Prosperity with a Clear Path

Your front entrance is the gateway to prosperity. Keep it clear and inviting to welcome positive energy. Ensure your front door is easily visible and free of clutter or obstacles. A clean, well-lit entrance sets the stage for wealth and opportunities to flow into your home.

Tip 2 - Create an Inviting Focal Point

Create a focal point opposite your entrance to draw positive wealth energy into your home. You could start by setting up a furniture piece, such as the Hayden Hallway Table, which is ideal for storing items when you enter your home. On or above this table, place a striking element you love. This is a great time to incorporate symbols of abundance and positive energy. This could be a beautiful artwork, a unique sculptural element, or a vase of fresh flowers that brings an element of nature into your space.

Tip 3 - Mirrors Positioned Mindfully

While mirrors are great for creating a sense of space, take care with their placement from a Feng Shui view. Avoid positioning a mirror directly opposite the front door, as reflects energy and opportunity back out again. Instead, consider placing a mirror to the side of the entrance, or ideally in a living space reflecting a beautiful view. This placement can help to distribute energy throughout your home more effectively.


Tip 1 – Feng Shui Curves

Curves aren't just a design trend; they're Feng Shui gold. The flow of curves promotes a meandering energy movement throughout your living space.

Beautiful, curved furniture examples include the Janelle Accent Chair, which I have in my own home.

Tip 2 - Layers of Love and Comfort

Set up your lounge chairs in a friendly L-shape rather than opposite each other which can create oppositional energy. Create harmony by layering elements and textures. Style a beautiful coffee table with books, candles, and a vase of flowers. This decor adds visual interest and enhances the room's chi, or energy flow, inviting love and warmth.

Tip 3 - Metallic Accents: Touches of Elegance

Metallic accents like the subtle brass in the Glalie Coffee Table are chic; and circular patterns which represent the metal element are symbolically associated with wealth due to their resemblance with coins. The Mother of Pearl Inlay Side Table is one such side table that I have in my own home, that is practical, beautiful and symbolic of prosperity and success. These touches bring a luxurious feel while aligning with Feng Shui principles for a prosperous home.


Tip 1 - A Bed That’s a Feng Shui Dream

The bedroom sets the tone for relationships in your home. Use a solid headboard to provide energetic protection and support. Choose a bed with a solid bedhead that promotes restful energy. The Nikias Tufted Boucle Bed Frame is on trend and also aligns with Feng Shui to create a nurturing, warm vibe.

Tip 2 – Accessorise with meaning

Decorate with items that resonate with love, such as rose quartz crystal, and pairs of decorative items to create balance and harmony. Avoid mirrors reflecting the bed, which amplifies unresolved issues between couples. Opt for a pair of beautiful side tables, such as the Archen 45cm Bedside Table with Drawers.

Tip 3 - Layers of Personal Energy

Your bedroom should be a reflection of all the things you love. Banish any objects you dislike or bring a negative vibe to your space. Add layers that resonate with your energy – perhaps a large throw and complementary cushions to invite a sense of personal luxury and peace. Always opt for soft, peaceful colours in a bedroom.

There you have it – a Feng Shui guide to creating a luxurious, balanced, and harmonious home in 2024 with Luxo Living. Abundance isn't just about what you see; it's about how you feel in your space. Embrace these tips and transform your home into a haven of positivity and style!

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