Coastal Grandmother Style: How To Pull Off This Trend Easily

Coastal Grandmother Style: How To Pull Off This Trend Easily


The coastal grandmother style is becoming the hottest new millennial trend, with several Tiktok videos displaying this beachy, romantic aesthetic. While the trend is prominent in the fashion industry, it slithered into the world of interior decoration, compelling people to give their homes a unique and dazzling touch.

If the coastal grandmother style captures your interest and instils the desire to incorporate the trend, then this article is for you. This comprehensive guide aims to provide essential information on the coastal grandmother style, making it easier to pull off the interior design.

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What is The Coastal Grandmother Style?

The trending coastal grandmother interior decoration embodies a cozy, homey environment that feels like a genius grandmother designed it in touch with her time. In other words, this unique decor includes vintage items, comfortable throws & pillows, and nautical elements.

Ultimately, the coastal grandmother style aims to provide guests with an experience similar to living in a wealthy seaside home that has been decorated over time. It's the product of food taste culminating in the beach resort of a coastal grandmother.

It's worth emphasizing that the coastal style isn't original to recent times since beachy, shore-inspired interior decorations are typical in the past. However, the coastal grandmother decor incorporates a modern approach and eliminates coastal-themed elements like pictures or moulds of shells, whales, and anchors.

How to Effortlessly Pull Off Coastal Grandmother Style

Without further ado, this section will break down the essential elements of the coastal grandmother style, allowing you to implement them in your home. These tips include:

1. Mindset

One common mistake with incorporating a trend like the coastal grandmother style is failing to apply the correct mindset. This factor is vital as it provides motivation, structure, guided Improvisation, and more.

For the coastal grandmother aesthetic, the mindset involves a duality where it's refined yet relaxed, elevated but casual, and inviting without being overtly cozy. In addition, the trend employs minimal yet stylish elements, resulting in a clean and mesmerizing interior.

It's reminiscent of the sweet and satisfying feeling of the warm sun and cool breeze reaching your gentle skin from the window. It feels like home!

2. Colour

Colours affect our psychology as each shade influences our mood, motivation, thinking capacity, and more. For example, studies show that red can increase someone's heart rate as it's associated with energy, while blue can promote comfort, peace, and gentleness.

Therefore, to decorate your space according to the coastal grandmother style, you need the right shades that offer that calm, comfortable, and cozy vibe.

You can start by combining shades of white, cream, or ivory alongside a layer of neutral tones from nature, like sand, stone, sky, and seas. Also, consider introducing accent colours like deeper blue and shell pink; keep the painting simple and abstract with little to no pattern.

3. Decorations

Decorations play an essential role in solidifying the coastal grandmother style with the attractive colours you choose. In this case, gauzy window coverings and rugs in faux natural fibres can bring that breezy atmosphere into the room.

Consider including coastal-inspired accessories like lush flowers (real or faux), peonies in a pitcher (white porcelain), and ground mounds of hydrangeas in a vase or bowl. You can also display framed family photos on a tabletop or sideboard and pillar candles in clear glass hurricane holders.

If you're willing to go the extra mile, weathered wood lamps with linen shades on the end table or a mirror in wicker or rustic wood can solidify the coastal grandmother style. It helps create a breezy, cozy, and modern-vintage atmosphere.

4. Bathroom and Bedroom Elements

The coastal grandmother style rests on two crucial factors, simplicity and luxury; since decoration and indoor items aren't extravagant or flashy, the few elements within the home should be high-quality.

Therefore, your bathroom towels should have the plushest cotton available on the market, while your shower curtains should have a tone-on-tone design.

The same concept of "high-quality materials" applies to the bedroom; therefore, beds should be fitted with the most elegant white cotton sheets. We recommend getting the Davina 6pc Cotton Chenille Quilt Cover Set - White; it's white, 100% cotton, comfortable, and durable.

5. Indoor Scent

Whenever you imagine a home styled based on the coastal grandmother aesthetic, you guess a comfortable, inviting, and breezy atmosphere with a pleasant, unconventional indoor Scent. This factor is necessary for completing the style since scent helps in promoting immersion.

Therefore, we recommend including a fragrance consistent with the coastal grandmother atmosphere. Scented candles in a beachy blue or white container or fragrance oils in scents like sea spray and linen release into the air and change the environment.

You can try scented wax cubes or other conventional air fresheners with a vintage scent, helping to solidify the coastal grandmother aesthetic.

6. Furniture

A building's furniture reflects the interior decoration theme; the furniture type and arrangement distinguish office chairs, gaming rooms, and traditional homes. The same concept applies to the coastal grandmother style; you need chairs that reflect simplicity and luxury.

Fortunately, vintage furniture is the hallmark of the coastal grandmother lifestyle, as these unconventional designs give off a sense of relaxation and calm. The design mustn't look unnecessarily expensive with complicated and intricate patterns; you can refurbish your space with this adorable boucle rattan furniture.

The Dalya Linen Accent Chair with Cushion pairs well with the coastal grandmother trend as it offers a solid wooden frame, soft linen upholstery, and high-density foam. Ultimately, a simple, traditional design with teak wood is sufficient to provide that much-needed elegance.

7. Natural Lighting

Modern technology presents interior decorators with multiple artificial light options for peak visual appeal; however, on the contrary, the coastal grandmother style employs more natural light to produce an inviting atmosphere.

Besides being consistent with the trend, homes that use natural light to their advantage are more inviting, relaxing, comfortable, and visually appealing. Therefore, consider arranging your furniture, shelves, and other items to capture the light from the window.

Open your windows more and invest in some breezy white linen curtains complementing the natural light and welcoming breeze entering your chambers. It's consistent with the coastal grandmother-style mindset and an ideal way of embodying the trend.

Decoration Errors to Avoid with the Coastal Grandmother Style

When transforming your beautiful home to the exciting coastal grandmother style, there are many factors to consider, such as colour shade, furniture type, decorations, and more. During this process, mistakes can happen, and this section will cover the common ones to avoid.

Here are some decorating errors to avoid with the coastal grandmother style:

1. Poor Budgeting

It's not uncommon to underestimate the financial requirements of a project; however, this mistake can break the entire project. You may need more supplies, paint, furniture, and a budget to ensure you don't finish halfway.

To set a budget, assess your available money and the amount you're willing to spend on the coastal grandmother style. Afterwards, list items you need to acquire; furniture, curtains, shelves, paint, accessories, and many more.

You can find the cost of these items on Luxo|Living.

*Note: you can hire a professional interior designer to incorporate the style; they will also provide an estimate for the task.

2. Bad Lighting

The coastal grandmother style offers simplicity combined with vintage luxury; however, poor lighting won't highlight the room's comfortable atmosphere or mesmerizing elements.

One way to maximize the lighting is to arrange the interior to allow natural light to reflect around the room. However, consider investing in additional ambient light sources if the chamber possesses only one window.

3. Incorrect Furniture Size

Your chambers should have furniture of different sizes, heights, and shapes; it improves the visual appeal by bringing variety and compels the eyes to other areas of the room. However, consider the proportions before selecting furniture since a small accent chair will look awkward next to a tall grandma's coffee table.

4. Lack of Accessories

Lighting, paint colour, furniture type, and scents are all complimented with the accessories you choose for the decoration. In other words, the final phase of the coastal grandmother is to find themed accessories that reinforce the concept and pair well with other elements of the style.

For example, a themed accessory includes plenty of books on a bookshelf, like the Gligar 5 Tier Bookshelf, made with engineered hardwood and can handle up to 20kg. Other examples of accessories include fresh flowers, a bowl of fruits, casually thrown pillows, and cozy slip-covered furniture.


The coastal grandmother style is based on combining simplicity with vintage luxury to create a comfortable, cozy, inviting, and timeless environment. However, incorporating this trend in your home is tricky and requires strong attention to detail, meticulous budgeting, good lighting, and the right furniture.

Fortunately, you can ease the hassle of implementing the coastal grandmother style with Luxo|Living. We have all the necessary furniture, luxurious bed covers, and accessories to give your home a genuine coastal grandmother aesthetic.

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