Bunk Beds That Can Be Separated

Bunk Beds That Can Be Separated

Posted by Luxo Living on 17/12/2022

Bunk beds are a great way to save space in a shared bedroom, but it's important to buy bunk beds that can be separated. That way, if your children outgrow the bunk bed stage or if one child decides they don't want to share a room anymore, you can easily split the bunk beds into two regular single beds. Wondering if this style of bunk bed is right for your family? Let's look into the reasons you might consider bunk beds that can be separated.

Why should you separate bunk beds?

Bunk beds like this 2-in-1 solid pine timber bunk bed are a great space-saving solution for small bedrooms, but they can also be separated into two individual beds if needed. This is a great way to give yourself some additional flexibility when arranging furniture in a small space.

You may want to separate bunk beds if:

1. Your children are too young and/or not responsible enough to use the top bunk

Children under six years old should not use the top bunk due to the risk of falling and injuring themselves. Additionally, children of any age may not be responsible enough to handle getting up to and down from the top bunk. Once your child is over six years old, you can assess for yourself if they are responsible enough to use the top bunk.

2. One of your children becomes a teenager or grows too old for the bunk

Once a child becomes too tall to sit up in the top bunk, it may be time to consider separating the bunk beds into single beds. This gives the child more room to move without fear of bumping their head on the ceiling.

3. You are changing room decor

Whether you're changing the room decor to suit a growing child or transforming their bedroom into an office, home gym, or craft room, it's likely that bunk beds won't suit the style you're going for.

4. You are having an adult couple sleep over

Older people may have difficulty climbing into the top bunk. If the adult has any physical disabilities, this may be even more difficult and possibly dangerous. Younger adults may simply not fit into the bed or may prefer to sleep closer to the ground.

How to separate bunk beds

Step 1. Remove the mattress

To separate bunk beds, start by disassembling the top bunk and removing the mattress. After removing the mattress, place it aside.

Step 2. Detach the ladder

Remove the ladder or steps from the bunk bed frame. You can do this by unscrewing the bolts and then setting the ladder aside.

Step 3. Detach the safety rail

The safety rail that aimed to prevent the person in the top bunk from falling isn't necessary anymore, so it can be removed. Unscrew any bolts that connected it to the top bunk (you may need a hammer if the bolts are securely attached).

Step 4. Lift the top bunk off the bottom bunk

This step requires two people on opposite ends of the bed. Lift both sides of the headboard and footboard together until the beds are separated, and place the top bunk on the floor next to the bottom bunk.

Step 5. Remove the pins from the bedposts

Much like the ladder and safety rail, the pins that held the bedposts together are no longer needed. Once you remove them, keep them together in a safe place if you ever need them again.

Step 6. Replace the mattress

When both bunks are in position, place the mattress from the top bunk back on the bed. Your two single beds are now complete!

Why use bunk beds?

Bunk beds like this solid pine triple bunk bed are a great way to save space in a small room. They allow two people to sleep in the same room without taking up much space and leave as much room for activities as possible. Bunk beds are also great for young children who share a room because they can have their own bed and space, and are a good way to keep kids from falling out of bed.

Additionally, bunk beds can be used for storage. When a child has bunk beds but is the only occupant of the room, they have additional room for storage on the other bunk. They're also practical for sleepovers, as the second bed is already there which eliminates hassle.

Bunk beds come in different sizes and styles, so you can find one that fits your needs and budget. bunk beds are a great investment for any family.

Looking for bunk beds for your home?

Bunk beds are an excellent furniture choice for children’s bedrooms and can be a great way to save space. If you are in the market for bunk beds, it is important to consider whether you want them to be able to be separated into two single beds. This option can come in handy if your child has friends over or if you need to use the bunk bed as two separate beds at different times. We hope this article has been helpful and that you will visit Luxo Living to buy furniture and shop for bunk beds online.


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