Best Fabric For Outdoor Furniture & Cushions

Best Fabric For Outdoor Furniture & Cushions

Posted by Luxo Living on 13/2/2023

Are you in the market for outdoor furniture and cushions, but don't know where to start? Choosing the right fabric can make all the difference when it comes to selecting items that will withstand the elements. Knowing what fabrics are best suited for outdoor use is essential; pieces made with poor-quality material can quickly become faded, stained, and worn.

To help you get started, we’ll cover some of the popular options used in today’s most stylish patio sets to make sure your investment stays looking excellent season after season. Read on as we discuss which materials offer longevity, comfort and style!

Olefin fabrics

Olefin fabrics are the perfect way to spruce up your outdoor furniture and cushions. Not only do they provide superior colour clarity and vibrancy, but they also offer enhanced outdoor performance, meaning your outdoor pieces will look great all season long and beyond. The fibres are strong yet lightweight, and highly resistant to fading, stains and mildew – so much so that some collections even come with a 5-year warranty against any of these issues.

Additionally, these fabrics have a luxurious spun-like shine and softness that adds both style and comfort to your external décor. With olefin fabric for your outdoor sofa and cushion needs, you can rest assured knowing that you're investing in long-lasting beauty without sacrificing quality or design!


Vinyl is an ideal choice for outdoor furniture and cushions because it's built to endure all of the elements while still looking great. Unlike natural materials such as woven fabric, vinyl can withstand harsh sunlight and high temperatures without fading or cracking. It also prevents moisture from damaging your items so you don't have to bring them inside after a rainstorm.

It is also highly durable, meaning it can survive bumps, scratches, or pets without sacrificing its integrity over time. Not only that, but vinyl has a classic look that fits any decor style and traditional colours easily fit into existing outdoor spaces.

Overall, vinyl provides long-lasting protection from Mother Nature with a timeless appeal that allows your furniture and cushions to look stunning for years.


Everyone knows that the great outdoors is a place of relaxation, so why not make your outdoor furniture and cushions comfortable? Cotton is such a great choice for comfort, as it is breathable and lightweight – making it perfect to bring with you while camping or having a picnic.

It remains cooler in warm temperatures and its absorbent qualities are great for mopping up any spilled refreshments! Furthermore, its texture ensures it's super-soft and gentle on skin. So if you're looking for comfortable outdoor furniture that won't make you feel sticky during hot days, look no further than good old cotton!

Polypropylene fabric

Another option perfect for outdoor furniture and cushions because it's incredibly durable and long-lasting, polypropylene stands up well to sun, rain, humidity, and even salt water - making it an excellent choice for coastal areas as well. You can rest assured that with polypropylene fabric on your patio furniture cushions or poolside loungers, you won't have to worry about them fading or falling apart after a few summers of use.

Best of all, this sturdy and waterproof fabric comes in so many styles and colours to choose from that you're sure to find something that will look great on your outdoor space!

Acrylic linen

Acrylic linen is a strong, durable fabric perfect for outdoor furniture and cushions. It resists rot, mildew and fades, never compromising on its vibrant colours, so you can always trust that it will look great year after year.

Another plus point is that it’s incredibly easy to clean - the dirt or mud washes away with just some light scrubbing and the fabric dries in no time! With little effort and minimal maintenance required, acrylic linen is the ideal choice for outdoor furniture and cushion upholstery. Add it to your garden setup today for a timeless look you won't regret.

Choose the best fabrics for the finest outdoor furniture

Today, there are many fabric options to choose from when selecting outdoor furniture and cushions. Whether you're looking for a luxurious spun-like shine, ultimate protection from Mother Nature or comfortable fabric that won't make you feel sticky - olefin, vinyl, cotton, polypropylene and acrylic linen all serve as excellent choices that are sure to look great for years to come. With the right fabric, you can enjoy your outdoor living space with furniture and cushions that are both stylish and long-lasting!

And at Luxo Living, our range of outdoor furniture will transform your patio or verandah into a space of ultimate relaxation.


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