Autumn Interior Design Ideas to Brighten Your Home

Autumn Interior Design Ideas to Brighten Your Home

Posted by Luxo Living on 15/3/2023

Factors to Consider Before Redecorating for Autumn

Trying out new autumn interior design ideas is attractive since it brings something fresh and adventurous into your personal space. However, here are some factors to consider before beginning your autumn redecoration project:

1. Set a budget and timeline

Before choosing anything from our long list of autumn decoration ideas, figure out how much you're willing to spend on the project. This factor prevents you from committing to a cumbersome plan and making poor financial decisions.

Also, set a date to finish your autumn interior decorating, even if you're not in a hurry. Break the timeline into weekly or daily stages and complete them accordingly. This action allows you to finish your plan and enjoy the results.

2. Select what stays and goes

While we provide some of the best recommendations online, you can remove or add elements to our suggestions. These elements included or subtracted may be based on what resonates with your lifestyle, financial capacity, family size/requirements, and other factors.

3. Focus on the more significant items

It's common for people to focus on smaller accessories when decorating their interiors based on suggestions online. Getting hung up on minor details often derails the flow of more important items. Therefore, we recommend starting from more prominent aspects like furniture, the wall, or the ceiling and working your way down to more minor elements.

4. Leave room for the unexpected

Interior decoration is art, meaning you may include elements outside our recommendations. This factor is essential as adding bits that excite you makes your dwelling more satisfying. Therefore, keep an open mind that you may find extra items to include that may complete your indoor autumn design.

Exciting Interior Design Ideas for Autumn

Without further ado, here are some practical suggestions for reinventing your space and brightening the environment this autumn:

1. Incorporate bold wallpapers

Blank walls have their moments and advantages, especially when living a minimalist lifestyle; however, autumn presents an entirely new makeover. Essentially, you can become one with the season by lining your plain walls with bold and visually appealing wallpapers.

These elements enhance your wall with unique colours, patterns, and murals that are difficult to acquire from a professional painter. Ultimately, correctly including these wallpapers in your homes will change the atmosphere and immerse you and your guests in the autumn spirit.

2. Add a Wreath to your front door

A Wreath is an arrangement of flowers and leaves in a circle or shapes primarily used for decorating. It's a standard option in autumn, and you can include some pumpkins as they are a seasonal favourite.

Besides being an excellent way to immerse yourself in the season, wreaths give your home more colour without needing to repaint. It also presents uniqueness and personality to your home, making you appear more sophisticated and unique.

3. Use nature-inspired colours

While heading into autumn, consider embracing the colours of nature, such as green, yellow, brown, orange, red, etc. These colours are conventional for fall, reflecting the season and its activities.

The most common autumn colour options for decorating your home are deep green, brown, and blue, which have a warm and richer tone. You can also experiment with colours by mixing one or two unexpected shades, but to be safe, pick typical autumn colours like green, yellow, brown, orange, and red.

4. Dive deeper with natural accents

An effective way to bring the outdoors into your living peace is with visually appealing natural accents. You can include porous stones, terracotta, and travertine, as they all radiate the autumn spirit.

Decorating with natural accents will give your space a fresh new look without spending on expensive decorative pieces. It transforms your living space, especially when combined with another autumn interior decor.

5. Dark kitchen

Interior decoration is incomplete without your kitchen; we recommend a dark, moody theme. This style reflects the warm earth tone associated with autumn, and the opaque nature is similar to colours found in pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and falling brown leaves.

If you wish to try a bold interior design for your kitchen, autumn is the perfect season as black, brown, and other deep shades reflect the season. Couple this visually appealing sight with the autumn air and smell, and you'll feel part of a fantasy novel.

6. Framed leaves

Besides Halloween, autumn is known for its falling leaves, which have been a source of inspiration for photographers and painters. We took inspiration from this natural process and recommend hanging framed leaves on your living space wall.

You can either get real fallen leaves, slide them into a frame, or print some on paper and frame them. Irrespective of your option, the framed leaves provide a seasonal touch to your home, allowing complete immersion into the autumn atmosphere.

7. An autumnal centrepiece

Enhance your autumn interior decoration with a visually appealing centrepiece on your table, wall, or anywhere fully obvious. The element is meant to draw attention and even spark conversation from guests.

A standard option is a leafy autumn centrepiece, which provides a subtle autumnal colour while remaining consistent with the seasonal theme. Irrespective of your decision, an autumnal centrepiece can help solidify the Fall theme you aim to create.

8. Contrasting autumn colours

Autumn often comes with darker and moodier colours like brown, red, black, etc., and while these are sufficient to immerse you in the autumn atmosphere, they may be overwhelming for many. In this case, you can try contrasting colours.

On one side, you can use the typical autumn colours like brown and black; on the other, pair them with something brighter like white or cream. This allows you to enjoy the autumn atmosphere while bringing vibrance into your living space.

contrasting autumn colors

9. Rugs and throws

Autumn comes with a more chilly change in temperature, and fabrics like curtains and throws are excellent for keeping the cold at bay. Essentially, it's a way to add an extra layer of warmth while you sip your beverage and enjoy the autumn air.

Some common recommendations feature thick, cosy knits or woven materials since they have an extra-cosy cottage-like feel. If possible, get a fabric with warm colours and patterns for your pillows, bed covers, and throws, as they add to your desired autumn interior aesthetic.

10. Decorate sunny corners

Some parts of your home will experience more sunlight than others, and we recommend capitalising on these locations. It's best to decorate this area with a cushioned chair or bench, allowing you to soak in the autumn sunlight.

This area can be your relaxation centre whenever you need to read a book, sip your beverage, or merely medicate. It provides a warm and relaxing place on chilly autumn days.

outdoor sofa in a sunny area

11. Maximise the curves

Autumn is all about nature, and what better way to look organic than with curved furniture and textures? These elements are calming, visually appealing, and round off the edgy corners in your home.

Opt for curved mirrors, oval coffee tables, and items with softer and rounder edges. Besides enhancing your interior beauty, they also enhance the autumn experience and offer a different feel to the atmosphere.

12. Incorporate vintage elements

Vintage pieces are effective for evoking autumn moods as they often come with darker, distressed finishes and a rugged look. Besides giving maximum autumn immersion, they also fill your living space with a warm and bright radiance.

While you can opt for vintage items with a red, brown, copper, or bronze shade, bold patterns can work too. The intelligent design is reminiscent of that retro style that makes your home feel homey and inviting.

13. Use natural finishes

Autumn revolves around nature and looking extra organic, and an effective way to embrace this factor is by combining natural materials to create an inspirational space. For example, Rich walnuts and soothing oaks effectively bring the great outdoors inside.

You can employ other natural elements like stone colours, sunlight, and everyday shadows and shapes. Note that this recommendation will require a lot of thought and strategy; nevertheless, It produces a satisfying outcome.

comfortable sofa

When Should you Begin Decorating for Fall?

Like Christmas, you must decorate on time; early enough or too late may ruin the autumn experience. We recommend beginning decorations in late August or early September; however, the rule of thumb is to start once you feel the weather cooling down.

Whether you decide to decorate on the first day of the week of autumn, your style and design choices matter. This factor will shape how well you enjoy the season; therefore, capitalise on rich natural colours and weave in a few accents to complete your transition from summer to fall.


You can transform your home into the perfect abode during the chilling autumn season with some minor changes. Our recommendation doesn't require a heavy budget and can be completed with fewer financial requirements than Halloween decorations.

Suppose you desire more tips on interior decoration to transform your home into the best version imaginable; visit and scroll through the content on our blog. We aim to bring the best out of your domicile.

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