A Guide To The Perfect Rug Placement For Your Space

A Guide To The Perfect Rug Placement For Your Space

Posted by Kerena Berry, Designbx on 10/2/2021

A rug is an essential element when it comes to interior decoration. It can help with defining or connecting a space visually and also it changes the look and feel of a room.

Quite a few customers have told us that they love a particular rug but not sure how to place it the right way. Or they believe that this particular rug definitely suits this space but it does not turn out to be what they have imagined because they do not know the best way to place it.

We are honoured to have an opportunity to interview with Kerena Berry, Director of Designbx, earlier this week and have asked her for some advice on the perfect ways to place a rug.

“Rug placement is as important as the rug selection. If you get it wrong, it can drastically change the scale and overall aesthetic of your space” says Kerena

Despite how minor it seems, rug placement does accentuate a room when it’s the right size and placement in accordance with furniture. It has the ability to make a room feel spacious and inviting no matter the occasion or type of room.

Image source: @houseofharvee

Living Room

In a living area, size matters with rugs; it can overcrowd a room or even make it too spacious depending on your furniture.

Designbx / Luxo rug placement rug sofa layout

Designbx / Luxo rug placement guide rug sofa layout 2

Image source: @soul.and.habits with Melody Rug

A rug has to be large enough to cover all ground with couches sitting fully on it, or partially, as displayed above. In the case of smaller rugs, seating needs to be at an even distance. That principle also applies to circular rugs, as displayed below.

Designbx / Luxo rug placement guide living room layout

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Image source: Home Designing

Dining Room

Rugs under dining tables are best around 60cm to 70cm wider in dimensions and in proportion to the table and chairs as it enhances the shape, similar to round rugs under round tables.

Designbx / Luxo rug placement guide dining table layout - Circular area rug ideas

Image source: Domino

Designbx / Luxo rug placement guide dining table layout

Master Bedrooms

Smaller rugs in bedrooms create a better effect than large ones. They can be placed on either side of the bed or just one side, adding the feel of luxury by using a large rug that is visible under a bed however leaving space for bedside tables on the floor to enhance the space and accentuate the floor to wall.

Designbx / Luxo rug placement guide master bedroom layout

Image source: @houseofharvee

Designbx / Luxo rug placement guide master bedrooms layout 1

Single Bedrooms

Rugs can add a spark and some colour to any children’s room, and also a soft play area for children. These rugs can be placed slightly under beds, inbetween beds in shared bedrooms to create a ‘connection’ and a central play area. For nuseries, small round rugs under or next to a crib creates a feel of intimacy with the child.

Designbx / Luxo rug placement guide single bedrooms layout

Kerena Berry, Director of Designbx, has over 20 years of experience in the fields of art directing, interior design, product development, buying, and styling for international and national brands. Kerena’s previous interior design and styling company, Anchor & Heart has transformed numerous Australian residential and commercial spaces. Having held the key roles of Homewares Buyer at OZ Design furniture and then Head Art Director, Kerena brings years of foraged knowledge in the home and interiors space. Kerena regularly writes expert articles for InsideOut, and has featured in a variety of homewares, lifestyle and property magazines.

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