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4 Cool Ideas for an Outdoor Entertainment Area on a Budget

Outdoor entertaining is something you, your family, and your guest are sure to love because it’s fun to play outside. It’s also much healthier than staying cooped up on a couch in your living room and allows you to enjoy many amazing activities, such as BBQ. With our simple tips you’ll be able to create a fantastic outdoor entertainment area on a budget.

#1 Install LED lighting to create a fantastic atmosphere

To entertain guests outdoors you need to set up the area in a way that will allow you to enjoy cool evenings, so good lighting is a must. There are a great number of amazing outdoor LED lamps you can find that will allow you to enhance the beauty of your backyard. You can even buy some lighting and LED furniture to turn your patio into a truly magical place. This would be a good choice for families with kids.

Don’t forget about LED rope lighting as it would add to the atmosphere. It looks great around the boundaries of the patio, walkways, and the pool.

#2 Use mirrors to ‘increase’ the outdoor space

Handing mirrors to make a room seem bigger is a common design trick, and you can use it to set up a cool outdoor entertainment area on a budget. Strategically placed mirrors in beautiful frames combined with small lights can turn your backyard into a magical garden.

Take the idea a step further by spray-painting some of the garden ornaments with mirror paint.

#3 Add some fun using glow in the dark paint

Glow in the dark paint is a fabulous tool for decorating your outdoor area. You can put it on plant pots and ornaments to enhance the look of the backyard. Use your imagination and create a setup that would fit with the general theme of your design.

If you have kids, you can use the paint to make a special play-zone for them. Fix a wooden stake or a metal pole and cover it with the paint. Next, decorate the area around it and provide your children with glow in the dark bracelets or necklaces and let them play ring toss.

#4 Make a DIY frame for washing your feet outdoors

You can craft a simple wooden frame and paint it to match the rest of the ornaments in your garden. Waterproof it and put some flat stones at the bottom. Fill with fresh water and you have a beautiful decoration that also allows you to rinse off your feet before going back into the house. 

Published: 17 Nov 2016