9 Ways To Style A Throw

9 Ways To Style A Throw

Posted by Luxo Living on 9/1/2023

For many of us, the throw is an underrated and overlooked piece of home decor that can bring comfort and style to any room. From adding a soft and cosy touch to your living room or bedroom to dressing up furniture with texture, there are so many ways you can create looks with throws!

Here are a few of our favourites.

The neat fold

To get the perfect, neat fold, lay your throw down on a flat surface then tuck in the two sides. Make sure that both sides of the throw are even so it looks neat and tidy – for an extra stylish touch, try layering one or two other throws on top or mixing different textures and patterns to give your sofa a pleasing visual effect.

Once you've layered your blankets, you can use decorative pillows to create a series of accents across your space and give your home an effortless cosy vibe!

The corner fold

Who ever said throws had to stay inside the bedroom? The corner-fold style is an easy yet versatile way to add a touch of comfort and cosiness to any room in your living space!

Whether you're indulging in some self-care on the couch, having friends over for dinner, or lounging on the porch, simply fold your throw into quarters and place it on the corner of your armchair or sofa.

The draped look

To enjoy this look, simply place the throw across the length of your couch and let it naturally drape over the back. This will create an inviting, snug atmosphere that's perfect for cold winter days or when you're feeling like staying in and snuggling up with a good book and it works best when you have multiple throws of different textures and patterns.

To create an even more inviting atmosphere, try adding some colourful cushions to complete the look and make your living space extra cosy!

Geometric shapes

Styling throws with geometric shapes can bring a touch of modern sophistication to any interior design. From abstract shapes featuring various colour combinations to solid, streamlined designs made with crisp linear lines, geometric throw styles help to create a unique look that sets the tone for the rest of your décor.

Whether you're looking to define a soft space with lively forms or add subtle touches of grandeur, geometrics are an easy way to inject bold beauty into any room.

The crescent

If you're looking for something a little more eye-catching, the crescent style may be just what you need.

To achieve this look, all you have to do is fold your throw into a large semi-circle and place it on top of your sofa or armchair. This is a great option for those looking to add a unique flair to their room and make it stand out from the crowd! It also works well when combined with colourful cushions that will help draw attention to the centre of the sofa.

The bed-end style

This classic aesthetic is designed to give your blanket a sense of warmth, texture and sophistication. It's also simple enough that anyone can master it in just a few easy steps – first, fold your blanket or throw in half lengthwise, so both ends are in line with each other. Then, roll the cloth from one end to create an orderly ‘pillow’ appearance and finally, tuck it into the edge of your bed which helps lock down a unique shape while adding a touch of class to any bedroom decor.

The layered look

With the ability to mix and match patterns and textures, you can create truly unique designs that reflect your individual creativity. The layered style is also incredibly easy to incorporate into any room - simply choose the right colour combinations and fabrics, then layer away with your favourite blanket or quilt.

Remember, the secret is in the layering - this timeless look transcends seasons and trends, so your throw will look beautiful for years to come!

The blanket ladder

Another great way to store and display them without taking up too much space is with the blanket-ladder style. This decor trend is perfect for those who want their throw blankets within arm’s reach while not having to stack them in a pile.

All you need is an old ladder or some simple wooden frame (which you can usually find from thrift stores), hang your throws over, and voilà: your own wall-decorating masterpiece awaits! It’s an inexpensive way to curate and showcase all your throw blanket favourites for everyone – including yourself – to appreciate.

The open-face style

If you're looking for an even more stylish take on throws, the open-faced style of styling with throws may be the way to go. This look involves draping a throw so that it only partially covers the furniture, securing it at one end with tucks or decorative pillows.

When done well, this style adds plenty of grace and refinement while still providing comfort and luxury; as if you've given your furniture its own perfectly tailored chic outfit!

Style your throws on show-stopping furniture for the perfect finish!

No matter the style, blankets and throws can be a great way to add comfort, texture, and personality to any living space. With a little creativity, you can easily transform your home into an inviting haven with beautiful throws that reflect your own personal style!

And if you're looking to buy furniture online to style luxurious throws, we've got something for everyone one and every space.


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