5 Steps To A Cleaner Pool This Summer

5 Steps To A Cleaner Pool This Summer

Posted by Paulo Teodoro on 20/8/2020

How to Achieve A Sparkling Clean Swimming Pool?

With the summer swinging in, there is no doubt that we are all super excited about finally being able to use the pool in our backyards. At the same time though, neither of us are all that excited about having to clean it first.

Here are 5 quick and simple steps to follow in the pool cleaning process.

1. Clean The Outside Before The Inside

Pick up the fallen leaves on the rim of the pool or on the platform / surface outside. Do this first so that when you start with the pool, waste from the outside does not keep flying into the pool to double your work. Collect all the green waste in a bucket and toss it in the green waste bin.

2. Vacuum The Pool

Use swimming pool cleaners to vacuum the pool so any leaves, stems, plastic bags and wrappers that flew in can be sucked out. The pool cleaner will also help reduce the amount of algae in the pool. An average pool would ideally take 30 minutes of vacuuming to be clean. Walk around the pool in circles and ensure you don't leave any area unattended. Use a nylon cloth or metal scrunchie to wipe off any algae deposit on the sides.

3. Backwash The Filter

Your pool could have one of three filters: cartridge filters, pool sand filters, or diatomaceous earth filters. In this step, you are to clean the filter that cleans your pool. By backwashing the filter, you are forcing the water backwards so all the collected dirty water can get washed out with the already collected dirt and there is space for the filter to collect more. This task should be done at least once a week, as the water may look clean and yet collect dirt that is invisible to the naked eye. Direct the hose throwing out dirty water away from the pool and the plants in your backyard otherwise you could risk contaminating the plants too.

4. Clean The Pool Pump

Next, clean out the pool pump. More often than not, you will find lint, hair, leaves and the like inside the pump. This means that even the new water being filled into the pool is going through dirt before entering the pool. If you feel like the pump is beyond cleaning or the net is starting to tear, buy a new pool pump for sale. Making sure the pump is clean is vital as this is where the water circulates from. The water in which we laze around, swim, play and jump.

5. Add The Blue - Chlorine

If you want to add chlorine, there are several ways of doing so. You can choose from liquid, powder or tablet forms of chlorine. The tablet form is usually the easiest to use as you just have to put it in the provided container and drop it in the pool. As for the others, follow the instructions on the labels properly.

Purchasing the right pool maintenance products for the kind of pool you have is important. You can find products online as well as in stores. It is recommended that you pick a product and stick to it so that your skin does not have to keep getting exposed to different compositions, changing chemicals or brand of chlorine especially.

There you have it, a summer-ready pool in 5 simple steps!

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