5 Real Benefits of Owning a Dressing Table

5 Real Benefits of Owning a Dressing Table

Posted by Paulo Teodoro on 19/5/2017

What are various Advantages of Having a Dressing Table

Mornings can be hectic when you’re running around trying to find everything you need to get ready for the day. In fact, it can be stressful and can affect your entire day. There is a way to make getting ready less chaotic and get your day started much more smoothly. There’s no question that the more organised you become, the more likely you will feel more relaxed and your day will be. Believe it or not, a dressing table can work wonders for you. Dressing tables are one of those pieces of furniture that people don’t think are important, but you will be impressed with how one can help keep you calm and help you get through the morning. Once you have one of your very own, you won’t ever want to give it up. We’ve put together 5 real benefits of owning your own dressing table.

1. De-stress by being more organised

One of the most time consuming and stressful things many people experience in the mornings is that they can’t find something due to being disorganized, so furniture that is designed to help you be more organised can help because they provide a single place for daily necessities that otherwise don’t have a home or they are stuffed under the bathroom sink, or just set somewhere in a hurry because you have a small timeframe to get ready for the day. In other words, just like anything else, there should be a home for everything and everything should be in its place. There are many dressing tables available, but your individual needs will determine what type to look for, if you have lots of hair and makeup products, jewellery, etc., then you should opt for a dressing table that has more storage space, like the Jenna Hollywood Dressing Table w/ Drawers & Lights, because again, the idea is to be organised so if you use multiple products, make sure you have enough drawers to get everything in one spot, so you can make the most out of it. This one comes with multiple drawers and the stool too, so you can relax while you get ready.

                                                              Jenna Hollywood Dressing Table w/ Drawers and Lights

2. Stylish designs add to the interior designs

Adding a beautiful dressing table to your bedroom or dressing room pulls the room together, adding another layer of style to your home – it’s like a special corner that’s all yours and you can just sit and relax and gives you time for yourself. There’s no question that a dressing table adds a glamorous touch to your room. When you decide to indulge yourself with an elegant dressing table, it doesn’t have to be large or too costly, regardless of whether you have a large or small room. If you just need a place to sig and brush your hair, there are many options available, like the Serenity Dressing Table and Paisley Stool. There is a large drawer, a foldable mirror, and a stool and generous leg space for an extra comfortable experience.

                                                              Serenity Dressing Table and Paisley Stool Package

3. Creates a romantic feel

A vanity can also make you and your room feel more romantic, especially if you choose one that simply makes you feel pretty. If this is one of your goals, look for a dressing table that has more intricate details, like curved legs, carved out patterns, floral patterns, or perhaps you prefer a sleek look with straight legs. The choice is completely yours. Also consider what you want in your mirror, will a single small one suffice or do you prefer something larger, there are even some with adjustable mirrors like the French Style Dressing Table 3 Mirror & Stool Set. It comes in either black or white, and makes getting ready less of a chore and much more exciting!

                                                              French Style Dressing Table 3 Mirrors & Stool Set - Black

4. Offers a special place to sit and write

Whether you’re writing in your daily diary, or need a quiet place for your laptop, a dressing table doubles as the perfect place to get this done without distractions.  So regardless of which one you use if for, you know you have a private place where you can get this and more done. Some vanities offer larger writing areas than others so keep this in mind when selecting yours so you can have a multipurpose piece of furniture that keeps you organised and allows you to perform other tasks.

5. Works well with other furniture

If you are dressing up your bedroom and have enough space for multiple pieces, maybe you should consider matching your dressing table with a charming chest of drawers, like the Shelton 4 Drawer Slimboy Chest of Drawers. It has the beautiful curvy legs, similar to dressing tables, and it has plenty of storage space for your makeup, hair and skin products, and even jewellery, so you can put it all in the chest, which keeps your room neat and tidy and all in one place and you can use a smaller vanity for two extremely functional pieces of furniture and completing the look of your new bedroom!

                                                              Shelton 4 Drawer Slimboy Chest of Drawers

As you can see, a dressing table not only keeps you organised, but it also will reduce your level of stress, meaning you will have more of a tranquil and pampered experience, every single morning. 

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