10 Tips To Make A Cluttered Space Appear Larger

10 Tips To Make A Cluttered Space Appear Larger


It's normal to have clutter in your home, especially if you've lived there for several years. The problem is that having too many items around limits space and makes the place look visually overwhelming

Fortunately, Space Invaders presents some exciting solutions to make your home look spacious and comfortable. You don't have to reinvent the wheel or break the bank, and these tips are easy to implement.

This article provides 10 practical tips from Space Invaders to declutter your home and make it appear more spacious.

1. Choose The Right Furniture

Furniture can make or break your home as it may take more space than usual or contradict the interior decor and feel overwhelming. In this case, it's best to consider your home's dimensions and colour before picking your furniture.

Note that your furniture has to work hand-in-hand with other decorative pieces in the room, so picking one may be tricky. In this case, consider a neutral tone option like the Norah 3 Seater Boucle Sofa - Cream White.

Neutral furniture typically goes well with most interior designs, creating a more accommodating harmony. Besides, a sofa provides more sitting options, allowing you to eliminate other stools and chairs that may be taking unnecessary space.

3 seater boucle sofa cream white

2. Simplify The Colour Scheme

A complex colour scheme consisting of multiple colours can be aesthetically pleasing too. However, such a design is tricky to pull as it may contradict other items in the space, creating an overwhelming experience.

Luxo Living and Space Invaders recommend using simple colours instead. You can opt for a monochrome colour scheme for walls, furniture, and other accessories. Alternatively, you can choose colours in the same family to create a harmonious environment.

Irrespective of your option, the goal is to create a unified environment, and objects with similar colours have this effect. It's the same trick smaller restaurants use to create a spacious feel.

3. Furniture Must Match The Wall

As previously mentioned, different colours break up the room and make the space appear smaller. Therefore, it makes sense to pick items with similar colour schemes, from the wall to the furniture.

Even if you choose darker colours instead of a warmer tone, your priority is to ensure your furniture matches the wall it rests on. The human mind processes items of similar colour schemes as the same item, giving the Illusion of a bigger room.

4. Remove Blockades From Pathways

Space Invaders reveals that most cramped homes have items blocking Pathways. These Blockades can include bags, books, shoes, and even furniture. Some furniture is poorly placed to defeat the room's aesthetic instead of complementing it.

In this case, another practical tip to making your home spacious is to remove items that block the walkway. For example, if you have several stools that occupy more space than necessary, you can substitute them for other seating options like ottomans or benches that can be tucked under a table when not in use.

This simple change can instantly create a more open and inviting atmosphere in your living space. Remember, a clutter-free pathway not only improves the flow of your home but also enhances its overall appearance.

5. Pick The Right Lighting

The interior decor is incomplete without proper lighting, and your chosen type will dictate the feel your room gives. For example, dark, warm colours make your space feel cosy and intimate, but your goal is to create an open and airy atmosphere.

In this case, we recommend lights with cool and bright colours to create a spacious feel. The best options include white or soft tones of blue and green. Additionally, it's essential to consider the light intensity and its distribution in the space.

Your light needs to be placed strategically to illuminate all areas and to create a balanced and pleasant environment. You can achieve that using different light sources such as ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, and table lamps.

norah 3 seater boucle sofa cream white

6. Harness Natural Lighting

Artificial lighting can help make your room look bigger than usual, but you can achieve more with natural lighting. Bring the great outdoors into your home by using curtains or sheer blinds to light up your room and maintain privacy at the same time.

If you follow our tip of using light colours for your walls and furniture, your space should appear even brighter. Light-colour paint reflects light effectively, allowing it to bounce around the corners and illuminate more areas.

Such a well-lit room not only feels more open but also boosts mood and productivity. Nevertheless, experiment with different lighting options to find what works best for your space.

7. Use Reflective Surfaces

Like how light pain helps bounce light around to brighten the room, you can achieve the same feel with reflective surfaces. You can use a large framed mirror on a wall or lean an oversized framed mirror against a wall to create that room-enlarging effect.

Consider topping furniture like coffee tables or side tables with bevelled plate mirrors to amplify this effect further. You can also opt for furniture pieces like mirrored chests of drawers to contribute to the illusion of a more spacious environment.

If implemented correctly, the reflective surfaces will bounce light around the room, enhancing the sense of openness.

8. Use Bigger Furniture

Instead of many small furniture pieces, opt for a few larger ones like the Norah 3 Seater Boucle Sofa - Cream White. Choose furniture for multiple purposes, such as a sofa bed, storage ottomans, drop-leaf tables, nesting tables, or Murphy beds, to maximise your limited space.

This approach not only helps to create a more open and peaceful atmosphere in the room but also maximises functionality and organisation within your living space. If possible, consider using light-coloured furniture to make the space seem larger.

3 seater boucle sofa cream

9. Transparent Materials Work Too

In addition to the previous tips, transparent materials can make any space feel larger. In a small bathroom, replacing an opaque glass shower enclosure with a clear, frameless one can enhance the perception of space.

Opt for glass or Lucite tabletops. An acrylic console table will almost blend into a small entryway or living room.

A dining or coffee table with a base made of wood, stone, or metal and a glass top can make the room feel airier.

10. Utilise Vertical Space

Last but not least, Space Invaders recommend using vertical space wisely. You can install shelves, wall-mounted storage units, or tall bookcases to save floor space and keep things neat.

By stacking items vertically, you not only create a more organised look but also give the impression of a larger, more spacious room. Vertical storage solutions draw the eye upwards, making the ceiling appear higher.

This clever use of space helps you access your belongings quickly and maintain a clutter-free environment. So, remember to look up and take advantage of those high spots for storage to make your room feel bigger and more organised!


Clutter is inevitable, especially if it's a smaller apartment or you've lived there for several years. Fortunately, these tips from Space Invaders are reliable for helping you maximise your home's space.

The primary tips to remember are to use bigger furniture to substitute many smaller ones and use light-coloured items to create harmony.

If you need more help optimising your home's space and picking the right furniture and accessories, visit Luxo Living for high-quality and affordable furniture online. Our inventory features hundreds of items and tips to ensure you make your dream home a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Colours Make A Space Look Bigger?

Light colours like soft pastels, off-whites, and light neutrals can make a room appear larger. These colours reflect more light, creating a sense of openness and airiness. So, choosing such colours on your walls, furniture, and decor can visually expand the space and make it feel more spacious and inviting.

Do Patterns Make A Room Look More Spacious?

Patterns can influence how spacious a room appears. Generally, large-scale patterns like broad stripes or big geometric designs can make a room feel more expansive. These patterns create an optical illusion of depth and openness. On the other hand, small and busy patterns can make a room look smaller and more alive. So, opting for larger patterns can help enhance the perceived size of a room.

What's The Best Bed Placement For A Small Room?

To make a small bedroom look bigger, consider placing your bed against the longest wall. This arrangement can create a sense of openness and maximise floor space. Additionally, positioning the bed under a window or in a corner diagonally can also help the room's layout and make it feel more spacious.

Can Darker Colors Still Make A Room Look Larger?

Darker colours generally tend to make a room look smaller as they absorb light and can create a cosier, more intimate atmosphere. Lighter colours, on the other hand, reflect light and can help a room appear larger and more spacious. If you want to make a room look bigger, choosing lighter colour schemes for walls, furniture, and decor is usually recommended.

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