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5 Reasons to Buy a Bed Online

Where do you shop for a new bed? Do you go to your local furniture store? Do they have a large quality-made selection and are their prices reasonable? If you’re shopping for a bed, forget about high price tags with limited selections and go online to see what’s really out there. If you haven’t purchased a large piece of furniture online yet, you are in for a real treat because you generally get a larger selection to choose from, more affordable prices, and you don’t have to visit a variety of stores spending hours on your feet to be disappointed with the prices or selection. Plus, you won’t be surprised when the local store processes your order, you pay for it, only to find out there’s a hidden fee to deliver it to your home. Many online stores let you know right away if there is a delivery cost, and sometimes you’ll find free shipping deals. So the next time you want or need a new bed, a sofa, or even a sauna, try shopping online, it may prove to be beneficial in more ways that you may know. When selecting a bed, look at the different types before you make a decision, that way, you can choose the best type for you. Storage beds, like the Sabina, offer a solution to a real problem that many homeowners face, whether furnishing a large or small bedroom.

1. Clutter-free bedroom

Whether you are the type of person that likes to keep things neat and tidy or you have a smaller bedroom where you would like to optimise your space, your best bet would be to consider a bed with some type of storage space where you can tuck away things like dunas or pillows that would otherwise not really have its own place, so there is a real benefit to having a bed with storage. The storage space that comes with Luxo Sabina gaslift bed is perfect for storing blankets, doonas and pillow storage. It increases the bedroom space and adds class to your room.

                                                                    Luxo Sabina Queen Gas Lift Storage Bed - Black

2. Ideal for small and large bedrooms

Smaller bedrooms don’t really lend the opportunity to include lots of pieces of furniture. You may not have enough room for a bed, a dresser, and a chest, so you’re left trying to figure out how to properly furnish a room of that size. Fortunately, storage beds are a simple solution to a real problem that may not otherwise be fixed without having a room that’s too cramped to even navigate the room. This makes a storage bed a more viable option that is worth considering. You could even forego including a chest in that room, so now you have a bed, ample storage space, and more room to get around. The Luxo Sabina is a stylish bed with storage under the mattress, but what’s impressive is that it uses a gas lift mechanism making it quick and easy to lift it up.

                                                                    Luxo Sabina Queen Gas Lift Storage Bed - Black

3. Sturdy and strong framework

As you browse through the variety of beds and frames available, be sure to look at the bed’s construction. Selecting a bed with a solid wood frame is without question the way to go if you want a bed that will last over time. Also, other materials are important as well, like the upholstery and slats. The Luxo Salina is crafted with a solid wood frame, with thick and extra wide wooden slats that are wider than others. And it’s wrapped in soft and supple padded frame that’s upholstered with durable leatherette that will look stunning in your home.

                                                                    Luxo Sabina Queen Gas Lift Storage Bed - White

4. Stylish & practical

When you’re investing in a bed, unless your budget allows you to do a complete makeover all at one time, the key to finding the right one for you is to find something that works with your current décor so when it’s set up, it has a stylish appeal you will be happy with for a long period of time. There are many options available for you to choose from, so take your time and remember that if you have a very small room, instead of looking for a regular bed, you could always think about a sofa bed, we have a range of them in our collection of sofa and lounge settings. They provide additional seating space during the day and easily convert to a bed at night. Be sure to choose one that will fit in and compliment your space. If you also need a new mattress, check out our blog What Mattress Type Are You and our selection of mattresses.

5. People who buy online tend to be more informed as consumers

People who buy online often do significant mattress research which can guide them to make a proper buying decision. Their research may include trying in a store a mattress similar to the one they are considering buying online. From their research, online buyers tend to know that the mattress they are buying will likely suit them even without trying it first.

Purchasing a bed is simple when you shop with Luxo Living. We specialise in a wide variety of products, and beds are definitely one of them. Enjoy browsing our store and if you have any questions about our products, be sure to consult with our friendly staff. We also welcome you to visit our store to see our products in person, we hope to see you soon!

Published: 29 Jun 2017