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4 Quick Tips for a Fashionable and Functional Foyer

When you look at your main entryway, does it show off your tasteful style or could it use a facelift that only you can arrange with your special touch? The entrance to your home serves a couple of purposes, one is it’s the first opportunity you have to show your visitors that you have a keen sense of style, and the other is a well trafficked area for daily comings and goings. The key is to create a system that helps you do both so you have a well thought-out entryway that makes anyone that enters your home feel welcome. How do you accomplish this? We have 4 quick tips just for you that will allow you to not only have a beautiful entryway, but it will also be functional and will help de-clutter your space so it is neat and tidy.

1. Use multifunctional furniture

A variety of storage systems makes the most sense in an entryway. Keep seasonal or rarely used items in closed storage, like a bench or trunk because opting for furniture that has multiple uses is truly a great choice for your entryway. Selecting a storage bench is especially beneficial for several reasons, like offering a practical storage space where you can keep things that you need when you’re heading out for work or school and likewise, you can put them back in their place as soon as you walk in the door. There is no unsightly clutter for all of your visitors to see, and you know right where everything is. Another great benefit to this type furniture is that it adds a level of style that you can’t really get with any other type of furniture, and you get to choose from different colours and fabrics so you can make it work with your current décor. For example, the Luxo Thelma Flax Linen Foot Stool Ottoman with Storage-Grey will make an elegant statement as soon as anyone walks into your home. It offers plenty of storage space for your shoes, linens, or pillows. Its cushioned top is welcoming and allows you and your visitors a place to sit and slip on or take off on your shoes. It also has several colour choices along with different fabric types, like linen or leather-like upholstery to beautify your home.

                                                                 Luxo Thelma Flax Linen Foot Stool Ottoman with Storage - Grey

2. Smaller spaces

If you have a smaller space by your main entrance, don’t worry, there are other options for you too. Depending on how much space you have and what you want to accomplish, you could choose a simple solution that allows you to sit to put your shoes on that doesn’t take up as much space as a bench solution would. You could place a simple foot stool right by your front door. And when you’re in the mood to be lasy when you’re watching your favourite movie or series, simply pick up your lightweight stool and move it to your living room and relax and put your feet up with your new foot stool. You will love the simple yet stylish and practical furniture, like the Luxo Sheldon PU Leather Foot Stool Ottoman. Not only is it priced just right, but you can use it as an accent piece, a foot stool, or impromptu seating for guests.

                                                                 Luxo Sheldon Flax Linen Foot Stool Ottoman - Blue

3. Create a unique design

There’s also another option, it can be used for either small or large foyers. You could mix and match foot stools with smaller storage ottomans around your entryway for a chic design that’s unique to your taste. You could opt to have one for each person in your home so everyone has their own storage place. The Luxo Warren PU Leather Foot Stool Ottoman with Storage is perfect for keeping your home organised  in one of its busiest areas. This handy storage ottoman is lightweight so you can move it from room to room. The cushioned lid is removable so you can store items inside and you can even flip over the lid and use it as a convenient serving tray. It can also be used in any room in your home.

                                                                 Luxo Warren Black PU Leather Foot Stool Ottoman with Storage

Hooks and small storage

Entryway storage is mostly for the short term, the things you use that you don't want to lose. For optimum efficiency, place different storage types at every level. This could include things like hooks to hang jackets, umbrellas, and pet leashes, a table or shelf for mail, and a series of small containers for keys, cell phones and loose change. Divide the storage containers by contents, or dedicating one to each family member. This will make them much more likely to be used. Remember that out of sight is usually out of mind, so any receptacle left in plain view is far more likely to be filled than one hidden from sight.

Once you have your main entrance just the way you like it, it will be fashionable and you will find that the handy storage space with the multipurpose furniture helps you to keep your home in an orderly fashion and everyone that enters your home will feel more welcome.

Published: 08 Jun 2017