Seasonal Decorating: 5 Tips that will Last All Year Round

Seasonal Decorating: 5 Tips that will Last All Year Round

Posted by Sally Flower on 2/12/2022

Dreaming of an affordable seasonal home makeover that won’t date overnight or cost the planet? You are not alone. The anticipation of summer holidays and family celebrations has our homes buzzing with excitement. That fresh home feeling truly is the cherry on top.

Creating a seasonal home within the bounds of sustainable living can feel like an oxymoron - but it doesn’t have to be. With a few simple changes to your decorating approach, you too can have the seasonal home of your dreams, without the eco-guilt.

As a sustainability expert, Konmari consultant and self-confessed home-interior perfectionist – year-round home styling is a must for me. Here are my seasonal decorating must-do’s.

1. Stop waiting for that ‘forever home’

I have been welcomed into homes of all shapes and sizes. From country estates and large suburban houses to small inner-city apartments and rental units. And I can honestly say that it is not the structure nor the ownership status that makes the difference. When it comes to creating a home that you never want to leave, the most essential ingredient is how the space is used and how its inhabitants connect with it.

Whether you rent, own, or share with others approach your house as a sanctuary. Don’t hold out for your “forever home”. If you live in an apartment, seek out smaller pieces that speak to your city life and amplify your urban nest. For growing families, choose robust items designed for a high-traffic household. If you rent, don’t settle for worn-out until you save the money or meet the right person. Live in comfort and style now! Adorn your rental walls with affordable pieces that represent the life you are creating. Decorate to enrich your space, no matter the time of year, and I can guarantee you will always look back to this time with fondness.

2. The most sustainable piece of furniture is the one you use over and over

Let’s face it, sustainability is an overused term. Even the experts cannot agree on which wicked problem is it solving. At its core sustainability is about improving the living conditions of all, without damaging the planet. Consider every purchase. Take only what you need and respect earth’s limited resources by loving and using every item you own.

Be inspired by trends, but not influenced. Recognise if it’s the stylish classics or modern comforts that light you up. If it’s the affordable classics that make your heart sing, be true to your style and include them throughout your home. If welcoming to you means trendy and modern – add them to your seasonal refresh. Keep purchases in season for longer, and mindfully choose items that you will use over and over.

3. Decorate, don’t clutter

It’s true that decluttering and decorating go very well together. Clearer spaces can help amplify seasonal items. However, if not done right, seasonal items can quickly become next year’s clutter.

Remove the stress and work of a periodical home declutter and change your approach to seasonal decorating. This summer switch it up and take time to plan your perfect look. Purposefully build seasonality into the space you have. Add  colours and textures that complement existing pieces. Layer décor to bring out items that need a fresh look. Make use of the tools available such as Luxo Living’s ‘view in your space’ AR mobile feature to ensure every additional item becomes a standout season after season.

4. Seek out multi-season items

Our homes can get full quickly, and less is often more. This season, choose multi-use pieces  you can dress up or down no matter the weather. Most  dining rooms and outdoor settings are simple to make it cosy in winter and welcoming in summer. Statement chairs can act as a quiet bedroom reading hideaway over the cooler months, as well as loungeroom showstoppers during the festive season.

When tracking down your next multi-season piece, try to focus on your current home set-up and how you want your home to function and serve you in the future. Dream big - you will be surprised by what creative seasonality comes out.

5. Get your seasonal storage right

It is time to re-think the way you use storage. Buffets, sideboards, and bed frames with drawers are so much more than places to put stuff – they are key decorating tools! When done right storage can be used to keep your home clutter free and make the seasonal refresh easy.

Allocate drawers, shelves, and sections of your bed storage to rotating seasonal items. Christmas decorations, winter throws, summer linen and pumpkin candles can all be pulled out at a moment’s notice. The same can be done for pieces you are sick of looking at, but not ready to let go of. Bring ease and joy to year-round decorating, by hiding and accessing your seasonal pieces with ease.

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