Kids Bedroom Makeover - Easy Tips from Luxo Living

Kids Bedroom Makeover - Easy Tips from Luxo Living

Posted by Luxo Living on 25/5/2023

Decorating your kids' room is satisfying as you orchestrate how they play and grow; however, the task can be challenging. Creating a space that's both functional and appealing to your children for several years is undoubtedly a big project.

Fortunately, we've got you covered! This article will reveal practical tips to identify your children's desires and future needs to strike the perfect balance between practicality and visual appeal.

Whether you desire information on how to build from scratch or improve on your current idea or space, you'll find our professional interior decoration recommendations useful. Read on!

Must-Haves for Children's Room

Before proceeding with the kids' bedroom makeover tips, mentioning some essential items all children's rooms must possess is important. These elements maximise comfort and mental stability for your child, setting them up for success.

These must-have elements include:

1. Comfortable mattress

Sleep is essential in a child's mental development, and the quality and comfort of a mattress greatly contribute to how much nightly rest they get. For this reason, we recommend prioritising a comfortable mattress for children.

The mattress has to be the right firmness, durability, temperature neutrality, motion isolation, and stability. Usually, a smaller bed is ideal for children under ten, then a bigger (longer) one for their teen years.

2. Stylish bed

A bed refers to the frame that accommodates and keeps the mattress in place, and like the mattress, getting the right type, size, and shape is crucial.

For example, if the child's sharing the room with siblings, a bunk or loft bed may be ideal. On the other hand, if you host sleepovers, a trundle bed can accommodate your kid and their friend.

Space is another factor determining the bed type as they need more room to play, express themselves, decorate, and store other things.

Nero Natural Pine Triple Bunk Bed

3. Storage system

Your Kids will have toys, books, and other items to keep their growing minds entertained or learning. However, things can get messy quickly, but a storage system can make cleanliness easier.

Essentially, providing your child with sufficient space to store their items instead of littering their room keeps them clean, prevents unwanted trips and falls, and teaches them good manners.

Feel free to get theme desks, bookcases, drawers, chests, and anything similar. The type of storage system you present will depend on their age and how many items they possess.

4. Seats

While a bedroom is meant for rest and rejuvenation, kids sometimes use it for activities like playing with Legos, reading, doing homework, having tea parties, etc. For this reason, we recommend getting them good bedroom seats that are both stylish and practical.

You can get a desk chair for their homework, colouring, craft, reading, etc., pouf seating for extra comfort and portability, or bedroom benches for reading, sitting, getting dressed, etc.

Cornelia Solid Pine Triple Bunk Bed w/ Storage

5. Bedroom lighting

Children's eyes and brains aren't used to maneuvering the dark like adults and will need adequate lighting to combat darker portions of their room. For example, a table lamp can help them read better in the evenings, while desk and floor lamps can help when they do their homework or crafts in the dark.

Night lights are also necessary since they help kids combat their fear of the dark and navigate to the bathroom without keeping them awake due to intense brightness. Also, adequate lighting adds to the aesthetics of the rooms, making them more exciting.

Tips to Decorate Children's Bedrooms

Without further ado, here are our professional interior decoration recommendations for styling your children's bedroom for functionality and aesthetics. These tips include:

1. Pick a theme

Like any interior decoration project, picking a theme is crucial since it sets the foundation for every other element in your decoration. You can involve your kids in picking a theme since it'll increase the satisfaction from being in the room.

The bedroom can incorporate themes like sports, outer space, movies, superheroes, or anything your child enjoys. This theme will also dictate the color of the wall, the designs, and possibly their bed mattress and sheets.

2. Be simple

You're decorating a children's bedroom, not a 5-star hotel! Simplicity is sufficient when it comes to kids' rooms. Keep the furnishing to a minimum and the decor straightforward, as your kids will update themselves as they grow in the space.

Besides, keeping furnishing and decorations saves you money and gives kids a blank canvas to operate on and express their creativity and preference with time.

Galla Timber Bunk Bed with Storage Staircase

3. Prioritise their entertainment

Your goal is to create a room your children will love, and focusing on what they love the most (play) can help achieve this goal. Depending on the age, you can include an indoor swing, ball pit, and house-frame bed, emphasising play and style.

You can add a mini art studio for your kid with items that are easy to update and a board to showcase their newest creation. Other options include a bunk bed slide, a small rock-climbing wall, and a ceiling-suspended cargo net.

*Note: Ensure the play pieces are safe for children and won't cause injury easily.

4. Focus on storage

Kids own many toys, books, games, and clothes, which are constantly multiplying, and having an effective system can help keep things organised.

You can consider hooks, under-the-bed storage, wall-hugging book rails, and furniture with built-in storage. These are great options for keeping things organised, reducing clutter, and teaching your kids good manners.

Dante 2-in-1 Solid Pine Timber Bunk Bed

5. Experiment with colors

Depending on your child's age, they will find some colors more fascinating than others, usually brighter ones. For younger kids, adorn the room with engaging and bright colors like pink, red, blue, and green.

As they age, you may need to repaint something more mellow or neutral to accommodate their new personality and interests. This means you'll keep experimenting with colors, but the best way to find the right shade is to present different options and ask them to choose.

6. Provide a workshop

Kids are eager to interact with their environment and wish to explore their newly-unlocked intellects. You can satisfy their desire to keep busy by offering a mini studio or personal workplace for kids.

This can include an art area equipped with colors, canvases, a board for displaying images, and more. You can include a chalkboard, a quiet study section, or even musical instruments for the creative geniuses.

Helena Teepee Pine Timber Single Bed for Kids

7. Use their artwork

It's natural for kids to express their intelligence and curiosity via art, and what better way is there to create a kids' bedroom that feels personal than with their artwork? Consider framing the artwork, hanging the paper with tape, or crafting new pieces together in this case.

Using your child's artwork in their bedroom is an excellent way to decorate the space with zero cost, personalise their room, and make your child feel validated. Seeing their artwork receive such recognition provides a confidence boost to their young minds.

8. Get a bigger bed

Depending on the kid's age, a bigger bed can be a great investment as your child ages. It's only a matter of time before they exceed their small toddler beds; therefore, we recommend incorporating a bigger option with their revamped room.

If they're approaching their teens, consider getting a twin bed to a full or even queen size bed. Besides accommodating their new dimensions, a new bed adds to the feeling of living in a brand-new space and can improve sleep quality.

Besides, getting a new bed also means new sheets and pillows that match the theme, leading to more satisfaction.

Tertia Solid Pine Timber Bed Frame

9. Try a mural

Since you're providing a makeover, repainting is possibly on your to-do list. If so, consider incorporating a tiny mural for your kids. Murals contribute to setting the tone and mood of the space, whether it's calmness or vibrance.

Furthermore, murals help to zone out some areas as an art piece on one side can designate it for play, one on the bed can indicate sleep, and one near the table can signal homework. It creates order alongside simple beauty that kids can comprehend.

10. Give them space

A kids' room is mostly optimised for play and energetic activities; however, they still need room for other activities like reading and spending quality time alone. You can create this location by mixing murals with comfortable sitting.

The murals indicate that the area is for activities requiring focus, while the comfortable seating ensures they stay to complete activities. It can be a tent-like fortress, small hut, or stylish bed.

Brook Timber House Design Kids Twin Bunk Bed

11. Focus on practicality

Our interior designing tips provide your home with style and functionality, which should also be your focus. Your children's bedroom should look beautiful and be optimised for play, learning, and growth.

Therefore, when adding an aesthetic item, ask yourself, "what benefit does this bring?". While not every item will provide value to your children as they may be purely aesthetic, your priority should be function before form.

12. Leave room for improvements

Decorating your child's room is challenging, and one factor contributing to the hassle is the constant need for upgrades. Children grow quickly and can outgrow old designs and structures quickly.

Therefore, you can either prepare for new makeovers during such periods or opt for neutral tones and accessories easily modified according to the new taste. Irrespective of your choice, ensure extra space for more storage or a bigger bed when necessary.

Nero Natural Pine Triple Bunk Bed with Storage Drawers


Begin by choosing a theme with your child since a room designed after their preference and habits can maximise happiness. However, keep your decoration functional and avoid over-decorating since simplicity is sufficient for a child's room.

Also, consider checking out our website for more practical interior decoration tips, as we provide expert suggestions and guides to make your interior dreams a reality.

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