How to decorate your home together - 6 Major Considerations

How to decorate your home together - 6 Major Considerations


World Flatmate's day is in just a few days, so why not celebrate by spicing things up in the bedroom, by getting new furniture. Maybe change up the colours, bring in a new couch, take out some of the old furniture, and get some new decorations. However, the chances are that your flatmate can be very picky with what they want in their room, making deciding on something very difficult. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can make things better. Here are a few ways to decorate your home with a Picky Flatmate.

Getting Around a Picky Flatmate

Granted, your friend or significant other isn't necessarily trying to make things more difficult, but you don't want to add something to your home that they don't like. And while you might have to walk on eggshells trying to get the things you both like, there is a middle ground that you both can reach. Or, more specifically, there are certain themes that you both could like, allowing you to get the type perfect type of furniture your flatmate will like. 

Find Common Ground

The fastest and easiest way of getting furniture that you think your partner could like is by deciding on common ground. Ask them what types of furniture or materials they like, allowing you to narrow your search radius. While you might like linen and your partner likes velvet, you both could get boucle instead if you both tend to enjoy it. Boucle chairs like the Polilo accent chair are soft and very stylish.

Apart from the furniture's material, you need to understand the colours better and what can work. So even if you prefer lighter colours, and they have one for darker ones, you could reach a middle ground on dull colours that can fit into both aesthetics. A good example of a product that could fit into both lighter and darker interiors is the Bethany sideboard with drawers.

Decide a Budget

Other than first deciding on a common ground for materials and colours, you will also need to decide on a budget. So while you have might have a preference for the finer things in life, your flatmate could just want something that works but isn't too fancy. Discuss your options and try to develop a budget that you both can agree on.

Granted, having a smaller budget can also greatly reduce your options, making the act of buying furniture even more difficult. But if you have a larger budget, you automatically have more options to choose from, like the baru outdoor timber bench or the luxo Chatsworth wooden day bed

Set Boundaries

Everyone needs space to express themselves creatively, which is why you should set boundaries with your flatmate. If you both stay in the same room, choose which side each of you gets to decorate. And when you finally make a decision, you can move on to expressing yourself.

And if both of you have separate rooms with a shared space, you should go for neutral colours that can balance out the other rooms. Colours like beige or dull grey can often act as neutral colours and generally look great. Furthermore, these colours can also complement most interior design choices. So something that would go well in a neutral setting would be the Jayden modular sofa, which comes in a dull white colour. 

Decide On a Clear Vision

The important thing you should always do when deciding on your interiors is to make up a clear vision of what you want your house to look like. Decide on where the decorations will go, where to put certain pieces of furniture, and what colours or material you will be getting. Usually, regardless of what you choose now, it will be clear to your flatmate as well.

Making a clear choice beforehand also means that only one person has to go and get the furniture, leaving the other person free. This type of planning also means fewer mistakes like getting furniture that one person does not like. 

How Does It Make You Feel?

The combination of colours, material, style, and placement is always supposed to make you feel a certain way. And if it doesn't evoke any specific feeling, or makes you feel negative emotions, then maybe it is not the right fit. Furthermore, if the colours of certain furniture are too loud or the material makes a weird squeaking sound when you sit on it, you don't necessarily feel relaxed.

Talk to your partner about what they would like to feel in a specific room. It could be relaxation or excitement, a good theme for a party. Either way, you need to communicate with your partner and make sure they like the choices you are making. 

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