Christmas Furniture Gifts to Stay on Budget

Christmas Furniture Gifts to Stay on Budget


Christmas is one holiday that is never quite complete without gifts. Despite your best efforts, trying to find the best gifts for your loved ones can be quite stressful and time-consuming. Not to mention, you must also get them something that aligns with their interests, hobbies, and preferences. This holiday gifts guide is for you if you know someone who loves interior décor and stunning furniture pieces.

Luxo Living is an online furniture store with some of the best furniture and décor items. Their diverse range includes everything from dining sets, to bar stools, coffee tables and even office chairs. You can even get a separate dining table or dining chairs if you need them. Not to mention, all their products are cheaper than competing brands while still offering the same quality. Here are a few products for anyone looking for the perfect furniture gift to fit all budgets

Arwani Distressed Traditional Persian Silky Floor Rug

For a budget under $80- If you are looking for an item for an interior décor enthusiast who doesn’t have much space for new furniture, you are looking at the right place. This silky floor rug with a traditional Persian design might be all they need to amp up their bedroom or living room.

If you like, you can also match it with your dining set and place it in your dining or kitchen area to enhance its ambience. With this distressing floor rug, you are sure to leave your loved ones stunned and excited. This is because this décor item can add that finishing touch to their favourite space with its distressed style, silky material, and colourful design.

Avilius Bed Headboard in Blossom Pink- RRP $99

For a budget under $100 - Who doesn’t love trendy headboards? Well, a few people love them a lot more. If you know someone who is crazy about headboards, this is what you need to deliver to their house ASAP. It might be their dream holiday present, and you wouldn’t need to spend a lot of cash thanks to the excellent price point.

Not only is it gorgeous with its blossom pink velvet fabric and metal frame, but it also has high quality and durable construction. You can also get this headboard for your kids if they want to personalize their bedrooms. A lot of people are also unhappy with how their headboards don’t match with their bed frames. If you know someone like that, let the Avilius Bed Headboard do its magic.

Baden Natural Rattan Magazine Book Shelf

For a budget under $130- You will find rattan furniture in almost every home space these days. If you know someone who follows table and interior décor trends but is missing rattan items, get them this magazine bookshelf. Any stylish person in your life in need of a chic bookshelf is going to love this Christmas gift that can pull the coastal bohemian vibes into their house. You should not miss out on this trendy furniture item if your loved one is all for eco-friendly and sustainable goods. The Badan Natural Rattan Magazine Book Shelf offers plenty of utility at a low price of $129. . We assure you that this affordable furniture item does not compromise on quality or looks.

Bryon Boucle Timber Rocking Chair

For a budget under $300- Do you have a friend who needs some home statement home furniture? We think Boucle makes for stunning statements. It is a trending fabric thanks to its soft and durable qualities. Finding cheap furniture online is already a challenge but trying to look for a boucle accent chair is even harder of a task.

The good news is, you only need a budget of under $200 to send over this Bryon Boucle Timber Rocking Chair to your loved one’s place. It is a rocking chair that can add elegance to any interior with its chic attractiveness. With this purchase, you can provide your friend with relaxation and comfort as the year comes to an end. And, you have nothing to worry about as the home furniture gift that you’re sending is extremely high quality.  

For alternative gift ideas, please visit our website. You will find all kinds of home furniture and outdoor furniture items at Luxo Living.

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