Bedroom Design Ideas - Update for a Luxurious Decor

Bedroom Design Ideas - Update for a Luxurious Decor


 average human spends a third of their life in their bed, so it makes sense to create a sanctuary where you can relax and unwind. One of the easiest ways to do this is to revamp your bedroom space. Even on a budget, you can create a luxurious and elegant room that is equal parts cosy and functional.

At Luxo Living, we are excited by all the possibilities of how to create a luxurious bedroom using furniture, materials and faux plants. Follow our helpful suggestions below and be equally inspired.

Mix different materials

Say goodbye to symmetry and identical rooms and sets. We’re celebrating the age of contrasting colours and mismatched accessories. Think of a hand-crafted rattan buffet sideboard with a plush boho print contemporary floor rug. Who says metal is reserved for just the kitchen? Combine cotton with velvet or braided jute. Textures can also add a playful touch to your space: sneak tassels into your blanket, which will make a complementary contrast with timber.

Invest in stylish bed frames and mattresses

Consider the design of your bedroom to best determine the bed frame and mattress that suits it. Whether it’s a single bed, double bed, queen bed or king single bed, we’ve got you covered, including mattresses. Our collection even includes bed frames with storage space. Velvet headboards will always elevate your frame, but you might want to opt for a solid pine timber bed frame with storage space.

Just be sure to match your bedside table with your bed frame to continue the cohesive look. Speaking of the nightstand, put in some effort to make it look luxe: after all, it’s always on display. You might want to add a cute lamp or hang a mirror or art piece above it on the adjacent wall.

Make a blanket statement

Can’t afford new luxury bedding? Not to worry. A gorgeous and chunky quilt or topper at the end of your bed will breathe new life into tired, old linen. Not only will it add visual appeal to your bedroom furniture, but it will add a touch of cosiness. As for the colour? Ditch the ‘safe’ cream or grey and go for something that’s bright and colourful.

Create a plush look with over-filled pillows

You can never have too many cushions, and the more plush, the better. Even if you don’t plan to sleep with them, there’s no easier way to instantly elevate your bedroom than with decorative throw cushions. While you don’t have to go wild piling the pillows on your bed, we think odd numbers of threes and fives work best.

Add greenery with artificial indoor plants

Bring foliage and vibrancy to your bedroom with artificial indoor house plants. One benefit to faux plants is that they’re super easy to maintain because they don’t need any watering or extra care. Our recommendations? We love the lushness of our potted faux banana tree and potted faux fiddle leaf fig tree. Place on your bedside table to give a sense of beauty to your space and a boost of positive vibes to your mood.

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The finishing touches

Just like statement earrings can perk up a simple all-black outfit, a new set of hardware on your nightstand or dresser can refresh an entire room. These little upgrades might not seem like much, but they can add a more visually exciting element to your space. Think crystal knobs instead of copper bars, and gold half-moon handles that form a circle instead of brass latches - all of which won’t go unnoticed.

Final thoughts

With our blog tips for creating a luxurious bedroom space on a budget, you’ll surely accomplish a stylish and highly pleasing environment. If you’re looking for more ways to design or update your bedroom at an affordable price, reach out to our friendly team. Our bedroom packages are sure to suit your personal taste and preferences.

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