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Types of Wine Storage: Which is Right for You?

There are many factors to consider when you’re working with wine. Whether you purchase rare bottles or if you are making a fresh batch of homemade wine, if they won’t be consumed quickly, you will need to have a place to properly store them. Having a wine rack or cooler should be considered and it will be a good investment. Regardless of what type of storage you choose, you will protect your wine, show it off, and it keeps them all in one place. Most important though, is that wine should be stored horizontally. Storing it horizontally is beneficial to the maturing process, keeps the contents form unwanted air, and keeps your cork moist so it doesn’t dry out. Temperature, humidity, lighting conditions and movement play important roles for wines to mature properly. Wine needs to be kept in a safe place if they are to be stored for any amount of time and the best way to store wine safely is to invest in a wine rack or cooler, unless of course, you have a cellar. One of the most difficult aspects of choosing a wine rack is trying to figure out just how much wine you will want to store.  The answer to this question depends not only on the amount of wine you drink, but also on the types of wines you prefer, as well as how much you plan to have on-hand. Will you be starting a collection? Making batches of homemade wine? If you love to entertain friends and family at social gatherings, wine coolers are essential to keep a selection of your finest vintages close at hand. You can also choose a wine rack or a cooler that’s free standing, a bar fridge, or even an under bench wine fridge if you like things hidden away more. And then there’s also the choice of single or dual zone if you like both reds and whites. Here are 4 types of wine storage solutions available and you just need to ask one question - which one is right for you?

1. Wooden rack

This type of storage comes in various sizes, they are available as table top, wall mount, or freestanding on the floor. This type doesn’t control the temperature, but it does keep all of your bottles in one location and on display so you can show off your accumulation of bottles fashionably. In addition, it keeps the wine horizontal, which is important for keeping the cork from drying out. The 120 Bottle Natural Pine Wooden Wine Rack is made of strong pine wood with heavy duty steel, holds up to 120 bottles, and even has a rubber protector for the bottle neck. There are different sizes, to see more check out our other wine racks. They will certainly compliment any kitchen, cellar, restaurant, or bar.

120 Bottle Natural Pine Wooden Wine Rack

2. Thermoelectric Cooler

The thermoelectric mechanism cools via a fan system, which ejects the warmer air until the proper temperature is reached. It’s an environmentally friendly way to care for your wines.

This dual zone cooler is perfect if you are storing whites and reds because it has two compartments, each with its own temperature controls since whites and reds demand different optimal temperatures.  The CyberCool DP32C is a good choice to keep you wine chilled, store-bought or homemade. The CyberCool wine refrigerators run nearly silently, with no vibration that might alter or damage your cherished wines. Note that the temperature inside this unit will depend on the ambient temperature. This unit will keep your wine safe and cool. The temperature inside the unit will not increase, as this unit does not heat. If you require a model which cools and heats, check out our extensive line of wine coolers as we also have compressor based units available.

CyberCool DP32C Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler - 32 Bottle

3. Single Zone

This method of cooling wine is a good idea if you just want to chill wine in a proper cooler instead of the fridge.  So if you’re a drinker of wine or you’ve just started collecting, a single zone wine fridge might be just what you need, especially if you prefer either white or red. The VinoVault B145S is the perfect choice for the avid wine drinker. It will hold up to 54 standard 7 Bordeaux bottles and will mainta the perfect temperature zone ranging from 5°C to 22°C. It’s designed to be build right into your kitchen bench, it saves counter space, is located in a practical place in your home, and your wine is right where you’re going to need its wondrous contents.

VinoVault B145S Black Underbench Wine Fridge - 54 Bottle (Left)

4. Free Standing

This type of design will not only store your wine properly, it will also make a fashion statement in your home. Free standing wine fridges also come in various sizes as well as either dual or single zone.  The VinoVault B490D dual zone wine fridge is a powerful tool with unmatched quality and performance is perfect for storing your private collection at home or for serving customers at the finest establishments

VinoVault B490D Stainless Steel Door Frame Dual Zone Wine Fridge - 222 Bottle

Published: 07 Jul 2017