TV Unit Decor - Tips on How to Style Your TV Unit

TV Unit Decor - Tips on How to Style Your TV Unit

Posted by Luxo Living on 18/5/2023

Most people rarely pay attention to their entertainment unit in terms of styling since it's seen as a functional piece instead of an aesthetic one. However, this should be different because decorating your entertainment unit may be the complete touch your interior decor needs.

You can incorporate a unique lighting system, background wallpapers, stylish shelves, flowers, rugs, etc. These elements bring vibrance to your entertainment unit and merge the section with the interior decor.

Therefore, this article will recommend professional interior decoration tips for styling your entertainment unit, turning this functional area into a visually appealing sight. Read on!

Styling Mistakes to Avoid for your Entertainment Unit

Decorating projects can go south quickly without knowledge or parameters on what makes the design excellent or unattractive. For this reason, this section outlines some styling mistakes to avoid when beautifying your entertainment unit.

These include:

1. Poor TV placement

Position your TV, preferably mounted, on a blank wall and block any negative window light. This method allows for an optimal viewing angle without competing with sunlight and glare on your television screen.

Failing to follow this recommendation can weaken the entertainment value of your Television and depreciate whatever decoration you applied to the area.

2. Rugging incorrectly

Rugs are a standard option for interior decoration because they provide a bit of color and pattern to the floor. Additionally, rugs on floorboards provide warmth in winter and are compatible with a carpet.

To Rug correctly, they should match the size and style of your living space since small rugs can cause a room imbalance. If you opt for rugs, choose one so big your furniture's front feet are placed on it.

3. Too much clutter

Invest in a storage system to reduce clutter on your entertainment unit; the less visible stuff, the better. However, your TV section should be less than 100% minimal.

Feel free to incorporate your personality into your entertainment unit, styling with beloved possessions, toys, or beautiful objects.

4. Overmixing

Mixing and matching more than decorating styles can produce stunning results, but combining vastly different decorating methods is impractical. We recommend selecting decorative pieces that share a similar element, allowing them to work together.

5. Poor cohesiveness

Your entertainment unit is part of your living space, meaning whatever decoration you implement must be consistent with your already-existing interior decoration. Failing to use colors or textures in complimenting your indoor decor ruins the aesthetic instead of providing completion.

How to style your Entertainment Unit

Without further ado, here are expert recommendations and tips for styling your entertainment unit in ways consistent with your indoor decor. These include:

1. Aim for simplicity

While a TV stand aims to hold a television, you can include anything you like for aesthetic purposes. The element's location doesn't obstruct your view, affect your eyes or present potential damage to the screen.

However, it's easy to get caught up in this design method and overcrowd your TV stand or self, ruining the aesthetic. We recommend aiming for simplicity with decorative books, candle holders, boxes, toys, and ornaments.

In interior decoration, simplicity is complexity; less is more!

2. Find symmetry

Pattern recognition is how the human eye identifies objects and decides whether a sight is visually appealing or unattractive. Fortunately, symmetry is a cheat code to exploiting this human trait and making your entertainment unit objectively beautiful.

One example of creating symmetry is centering your TV with table lamps on both sides to give the area a sophisticated and intelligent look. For a better effect, the lamp should be the same height as your TV; alternatively, use floor lamps for a smaller TV unit.

Flowers also perform the trick as placing two equally-sized artificial flowers on both sides of the TV produces symmetry. Ornaments like a tall vase or candle sticks can draw attention to your TV and balance the viewer's gaze.

3. Surround the unit with art

Art that's consistent with your indoor decoration theme is an effective way to bring more color, life, and beauty to the decorated area. The same applies to your entertainment unit; merely surrounding your TV with set pieces can transform the room exponentially.

A standard option is using mounted frame prints of varying sizes around your rectangular TV to create a stylish display. Ensure the wall colors are compatible with your art; else, you produce an unappealing sight.

4. TV + Fireplaces

You rarely go wrong with a "TV plus fireplace" combination in your entertainment unit since it produces a luxurious atmosphere and a visual spectacle. You can opt for a real or virtual fireplace depending on your budget, desires, or requirements.

A virtual fireplace is usually the safer option since it reduces the chances of accidental fires in your home. However, if you desire an open fireplace, check with experts whether it's safe to install it in your desired location alongside ways to prevent accidents.

5. Surrounding shelves

Want to seem luxurious without spending an outrageous amount? A built-in surrounding shelf is the perfect eye-catching piece to incorporate. This option allows you to fill your wall with more than a black rectangular box and add color to the space.

Your shelf can contain travel souvenirs, books, art pieces, sculptures, plants, toys, and whatever you desire. You can pair the shelves with cabinets and drawers to hide cables, remotes, and other electronic components that can clutter the space.

6. Hide the wires

Cable management will be challenging if your entertainment unit comprises a TV, home theatre, Playstation, and other gadgets. Nevertheless, it's necessary to style your entertainment area, as unchecked cables are unsafe and visually unappealing.

You can opt for different cable management methods like zipping all cables into a massive wire, packing all into a cabinet or shelf, or anything similar. We recommend a storage system below your TV for cable management, which your TV stand may provide.

7. Bring focus with lighter colors

As mentioned, your TV shouldn't be overwhelmed by an external light or obstructed by decorative items. The aim is to bring focus to the entertainment unit while making the section visually attractive.

One way to achieve this goal is to decorate with lighter colors, making the dark rectangular nature of the Television the point of focus. Whether using wall-mounted frames, prints, or wall art, aim for a lighter or neutral tone; dark hues often make the wall seem chaotic and confusing.

8. Off-centre TV placement

Nothing stops you from going the unconventional route and setting your TV slightly off-center. While it may first seem uncomfortable, it quickly becomes appealing, especially when paired with decorative framed prints.

This configuration is usually implemented in a space meant for conversation rather than screen time or to fit some unique furniture arrangement. Nevertheless, experiment with the method and see whether it provides an ideal level of satisfaction.

9. Hidden TV design

An entertainment unit is necessary for most homes; however, consider the hidden TV design if you rarely watch TV due to work or other tasks. This method involves concealing the TV inside a window seat or decorative shelf, keeping it away from sight but easy to access whenever.

Alternatively, you can try an off-the-shelf solution where the TV sits on a rolling cabinet or caster, allowing you to roll it in and out of the living space into a closet or storage space. It's ideal for rooms that serve multiple purposes, like holding large (family) meetings and entertainment.

10. Design around your indoor decor theme

As previously mentioned, coherence and compatibility with your interior decoration are necessary for achieving a visually stunning entertainment unit. For example, your bright living room painted white and containing a Grey sofa should possess an entertainment unit containing cream, Grey, or brown.

Additionally, if your living space has a sharp and engaging tone, your entertainment area should reflect the same atmosphere. For example, suppose you incorporate flowers in different regions of the room; feel free to include the same theme on your TV stand.

Remember, the goal is compatibility and balance as these factors combine to make an attractive entertainment area.

11. Play with lighting

Lighting can make or break your interior design as it sheds brightness on the most optimal sides of your decoration, giving a more flattering look. Therefore, expertly placing tape lights, bulbs, or ambient lights around your TV can add depth to its dimensions.

However, consider using soft and ambient lights instead of brilliant and bright ones; they can overwhelm the design and your eyes. This can also ruin the viewing pleasure as your eyes fight to reconcile the blinding illumination with the subtle TV light.

Bonus: Wall Mount or TV Stand?

Should you opt for a wall mount or TV stand? The answer depends on your room layout, design scheme, and what feels most comfortable.

A wall mount can help you save space in a small living room or bedroom while elevating the room. On the other hand, a TV stand provides additional storage and a level viewing angle for more accessible entertainment.

Before opting for either option, consider carefully planning your room layout and envisioning which choice feels more comfortable for your typical viewing duration.


Your entertainment unit is an extension of your living space and should be treated with the same seriousness as any other home part. Therefore, stay on theme, avoid over-decorating, and use colors compatible with your interior design.

For professional tips on interior design, visit our website, as we offer expert recommendations to achieve peak visual appeal for your home.

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