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The Unexpected Guest

Advantages of Contemporary Sofa Beds

Whether you are updating your living room, guest room, or just looking for a sofa, you may be interested in learning a little more about sofa beds.  And when you have expected or unexpected guests, you get to be the perfect host.

Daytime and nighttime use

Sofa beds are the perfect seating space for you and your guests to relax, but if the conversation continues into the night, the good host would offer your guests a place to sleep.  Certainly if your past experience of sofa beds is with a very heavy and clunky pull out mechanism, you’ll be happy to know that times have changed.  Contemporary sofa beds are light and it’s so easy to switch between a sofa and a bed.


With the latest designs, there are so many fabric and colour options available, you can pick one that shows off your true sense of style and make it work with your current décor. But it’s also important to look for comfort when you are making your selection, so your guests have a comfortable bed and seating.


Extremely convenient and equally comfortable, sofa beds are the ideal way to save space. So it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the luxury of a spare room, you can turn your lounge or living room into the new guest room in just a matter of seconds. They are also perfect for apartment living.

Always measure
Always measure before purchasing any furniture, but it’s especially important with furniture that changes sizes.  Make sure you have enough space to fold out the sofa bed without scraping the walls and check that you have enough room to walk around the bed when it’s open.

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Financial benefit

One of the best advantages to sofa beds is the cost. If you compare the cost of a sofa bed to the cost of buying a standalone sofa and a comfortable bed, you will see there’s simply no comparison.  A sofa bed represents far greater value for money, and who wouldn’t want that? And the best part is, despite the financial savings, there’s no compromise on comfort.  


The unexpected guest

Have you ever found yourself with a guest that you didn’t know would be spending the night? It’s bound to happen, so why not be prepared? And forget about those uncomfortable blow-up mattresses, there is a better way. Whether or not you have a guest room you may want to think about how you would accommodate the unexpected visitor.  There are a couple of things you could do.  One is to place a sofa bed in your living room, where you would normally put a sofa.  Or, if you have a guest room, you could either set it up with a regular bed and a sofa bed, or just place the sofa bed in there and arrange a couple of chairs for a sitting area that can turn into the guest room and is ready whenever you need it. Check out our full line of sofa & lounge settings and you will truly be the perfect host!

Published: 05 Oct 2016