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Tackling Shoe Clutter & Shoe Care Tips

Shoes, glorious shoes! Whether you’re an avid shoe collector or like to keep it simple, you could agree everyone needs at least one pair, and usually it doesn’t stop there. You need different shoes for the different activities and for a variety of casual or formal events you and your family attends, along you’re your favourite beach or camping shoes. That means you have even more for each family member. So what in the world do you do with all of those shoes? It’s one of those things that if you let them get piled up, it will stay that way. So, the sooner you take care of the problem, the less likely they will clutter up your entryway, bedrooms, and who knows where else. And, what better way to tackle clutter than having something designed specifically to help you organise your shoes that also gives your home a stylish update that will look beautiful? In fact, every home should have a shoe storage cabinet. There are many styles of shoe cabinets to choose from, so we’ve provided a few benefits and cabinets so you can have an idea about the different types available to you. We’ve also included some tips to help keep your shoes in tip top shape.

Stylish & Practical

There are many places you can put a shoe cabinet, and you can certainly have more than one in your home, but situating it at the entrance of your house is a practical and strategic idea. If you have them by the door, you can grab them on the way out and put them back as soon as you walk through the door. At the same time, you may have enough formal and casual shoes to store some in a common area and some in an area like your closet or basement if you won’t be wearing them for several months. It just depends on how many you have and which space is most appropriate for you. The main benefit is that keeping your everyday shoes by your entryway ensures that you will have access to them when you really need them. Plus, you get the chance to “wow” your guests with a stylish piece of furniture that they may not realise is secretly hiding your shoes. At least not until you inform them you have a policy of “no shoes in the house” while pointing out a space that is specifically designated as the guest section. You could even take it a step further and have a pair of slippers or sandals available that are allowed just in case they would prefer to have something on their feet. The Luxo Brocklet High Gloss Deluxe Contemporary Shoe Cabinet is a perfect example. Not only does it provide a modern look to your home, but it also keeps your home in an orderly fashion.

                                                                      Luxo Brocklet 30 Pair Adjustable Shoe Cabinet with Drawers

Keeps you organised and stress-free

Without having some sort of shoe system in place, you could end up with shoes scattered about your house. This can lead to unnecessary stress, because you are searching for the perfect pair of shoes for your outfit, but you can’t find them right away, which can also make you late for the day because you didn’t necessarily allot for the extra time to find a pair of shoes. Who does that? So by becoming more organised wherever possible, you can lower your stress, be on time, and free up some valuable time as well. The Luxo Acton Matte Deluxe Contemporary Shoe Storage Cabinet is perfect for shoes, but it also offers additional storage space for everyday necessities, like your keys or other items you need just before you leave home for the day.

                                                                      Luxo Acton 30 Pair Shoe Cabinet with Drawer - Matte White

Protects your shoes & saves money

Storing your shoes properly will keep them looking great and they will last as long as possible. This is important because the amount of money spent on shoes can add up, so the better you take care of them, the more you get for your hard earned money. The Luxo Feltham not only offers ample storage space for shoes and other items, but it provides a cushioned place to sit as you put on your shoes, a side table, and a shoe cabinet, all in one functional and stylish piece of furniture that you can put by the door or in your dressing room or bedroom.

                                                                      Luxo Feltham Cushioned Shoe Stool & Storage Cabinet

Tips to care for your shoes:

1. Properly store your shoes - Store shoes in a cool dark place to avoid direct sunlight which can cause fading, so to best protect them, keep them in a cabinet or box so they keep their original colour.

2. Clean your shoes - Storing shoes that have dirt, dust and other residues on them could cause the material the shoes are made from to degrade over time.

3. Sort them by type and purpose – Sort shoes by type and purpose, it will keep you more organised.

4. Stuff them with balled acid-free paper - If you will be storing certain shoes for a month or more, stuff them with paper help to retain their shape. Paper that contains acid can damage shoe materials. Avoid using newsprint, since it could discolor your shoes.

5.  Avoid stacking shoes on top of one another - Stacking shoes on top of each other can cause them to lose their shape over time.

Published: 21 Jun 2017