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Picturesque Landscaping Ideas with Lights

Have you spent a lot of time planning and furnishing your outdoor space? You think you have everything in place with enough seating for your visitors, only to look around and feel like it’s missing that special touch? If you have found yourself thinking this same thing, maybe you just need to find that special item that everything sets your backyard apart from others. Maybe you should consider LED lights or furniture. Outdoor lighting of various types, including furniture can beautifully accent your home’s landscape, and you place your own personal finishing touches and showing off your ability to take decorating to the next level. In addition, you wind up with a safer environment because the extra lighting makes it easier to navigate your way through the yard as it gets darker outside. This is especially helpful for when you entertain larger groups when you have a party that continues well into the night. Sure, string lights are great, and many people find them useful and beautiful and you can have them, but you don’t have to end it with just string lights. Instead, there are other types of lighting to consider, like ball lights, or furniture that lights up. After all, you don’t see that just anywhere.  But where would you put these particular lights in your yard? Take a look at some of the ideas with added features and then you can decide for yourself. Also, they don’t have to stop with the outdoors, you will find that they can also be used to enhance your indoors, so they are useful all year round.

Individually impressive

Ball lights - This type of light has a round shape and a variety of sizes to choose from. You have options like selecting one size and spread several around your yard where you want to add a splash of light or colour to show off a focal point you’ve created with flowers or perhaps a seating area consisting of benches and possibly a table for a small conversation area. For example, the Luxo 60cm Waterproof Outdoor LED Ball Light all by itself makes a statement all by itself and allows you to show off your favourite focal point. They also come in different sizes, so if you’re interested in multiple sizes that range from 20cm to 60cm, just check our lighting and LED furniture to see what is available. And there’s more. They have a rechargeable lithium battery that will provide 10+ hours of operation on a full charge. Once done, you simply charge it for four to five hours, replace it, and take care of the rest with the remote control.

Luxo 60cm Waterproof Outdoor LED Ball Light

Impressive by the numbers

There is another spectacular way to display ball lights. You can select several different sizes and use them as previously mentioned or you can make a striking statement in your swimming pool. Not around it, but in it. You can do this with our lighting and LED furniture is because our lights are waterproof and they float. How cool is that? And it gets even better. Regardless of where you place them, you have the ability to quickly and easily adjust the colours you want to display because of these must-have lights with colour options. That means you get to decide if you want all one colour or different colours for a stunning array of ball lights floating throughout your swimming pool and maybe have a couple pool side to really complete the look. Can you just imagine the heads turning? Not to mention the kids’ faces just lighting up with joy! That makes you an instant star. And, just so you know, each one has 16 super bright colour options to choose from, including the Luxo 20cm Outdoor LED Ball. You can set the colour to be fixed or choose from one of the four interchanging colour modes from the remote control.

Luxo Waterproof Outdoor LED Ball Light

A bold statement with a twist

Imagine your outdoors being decked out with your new ball lights. Now imagine your outdoor space being decked out with your new ball lighting and LED furniture to relax and enjoy the view. With our LED furniture, you can choose between two sizes, 30cm and 40cm and you can easily switch between the 16 bright colour options. This means you can set them to a single colour or you can mix it up and display them in different colours. And, with the wide control range, these wireless outdoor garden lights can be placed within a 5m control range, making these truly portable. You'll also be pleased to know that all of these units have multiple certifications for your peace of mind.

Luxo 40cm Outdoor LED Cube

For kids and the young at heart

Whether you have children around or you just like puppies, you will love the Luxo LED puppy dog decorative light. This adorable light will make your child light up with joy when you add this to their bedroom or the outdoors. This light, like the others, has 16 colour options, plus it has four different modes, fading, flashing, smooth, and as a strobe. What child wouldn’t like that? Also, there is another feature you will enjoy, each of these lights is waterproof, making it perfect for pools setting a remarkable exotic ambience that is perfect for any gathering.

Luxo LED Puppy Dog Decorative Light

Published: 11 May 2017