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Pet Beds - with Tips to Help Your Pet Wind Down when You are Ready to Sleep

There is a debate about whether or not pets should have their own bed, and while both sides are compelling, the decision is ultimately yours and if you know your furry friend, you will know if they enjoy having their own spot. The other problem happens when everyone is getting ready for bed yet your cat or dog doesn’t seem to wind down like everyone else does. So what is the answer? You run a pet-friendly home and you love having your cat or dog but sometimes it can be overwhelming when they don’t seem to follow the rules when it’s bedtime. We’ve included a few tips below that you can do to help them wind down.

Comfortable Bedding

Getting sufficient amounts of healthy rest is just as important for our pets as it is for us. Many people choose to purchase a bed for their pets and because of that, bedding has become a staple for them, just as personal food and water bowls are necessary and normal items in today’s pet-friendly home.  Not only is it becoming a necessity, but just think about how comfortable they will be, they are off the floor and on a soft pillow. They are also off the furniture you use, which also means they won’t shed as much so your furniture will be easier to clean, giving you more valuable time to get other things done or spend more time with your pet. Your little pal will truly enjoy having its own personal space they can call their own.

Stylish and Comfortable Beds

There are many types of pet beds that are available. They aren’t too pricey and you can pick something out that will match your décor and some are absolutely adorable. This means you are not only giving your pet the gift of comfort and security, but you’re also decorating your home. There is a variety to choose from, so feel free to find one suitable for inside or out. See our selection of outdoor and indoor pet furniture so you can make your home even more stylish! If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you may want to consider having a bed both inside and outside so they have a place wherever they go.

Luxo Mukhtar Indoor / Outdoor Poly Rattan Pet Bed

Luxo Ruwa Indoor / Outdoor Rattan Pet Bed - Black

Daiki Natural Water Hyacinth Wicker Pet Bed - Cream

Luxo Fairuz Indoor Water Hyacinth Pet Bed - Brown

                                          Luxo Kameko Indoor Natural Rattan Pet Bed - Natural

Benefits when Your Pet has Their Own Bed

Tips to Help Your Pet Wind down when You are Ready to Sleep

Change the meal time for the feline

Have you eaten a large meal and felt sleepy afterwards? Well, some experts suggest that changing your cat’s meal time will help them sleep when you do. So, instead of feeding them prior to leaving for work, you should feed them at bedtime instead. This may help them to rest while you sleep so they aren’t keeping you up at night.

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Exercise & Playtime for dogs

One of the most important things your pet needs is exercise. Not only is it beneficial for your dog, but also for you. When you exercise together, you spend quality time together for bonding, but you both are healthier and happier. So if you have a dog, regular walking or running together are important to you well being and they will sleep happily and dream of all the fun they had with their best friend.

Published: 09 Feb 2017