Mother's Day Gift Guide - Furniture For Mum on Mother's Day

Mother's Day Gift Guide - Furniture For Mum on Mother's Day


Finding the perfect gift for mum can feel like a lot of pressure leading up to Mother’s Day, especially if you have a particularly hard-to-buy-for parent. There are only so many fragrances and soaps mum can take before they end up taking up most of the space in the bathroom cupboard, and while flowers and chocolate are a safe go-to, if you want to really blow it out of the park — get her some furniture. Let’s face it, mums are the ones who really make a house a home, and what better way to show her that you love her than helping carry some of the load and treating her to something extra special this year?

If you’re struggling a little bit for cash, it doesn’t mean you can’t still find a gift that tugs on the heartstrings at a great price. One item that is seriously underrated is a set of luxurious bed sheets. After a long hard day running around after everyone else but themselves, as mums do, what could be a bigger act of love than giving her the gift of a peaceful night’s sleep in a silky set of fresh sheets? The bedroom is a haven for so many of us, so making it as comfortable and relaxing as possible for mum is a great way to show your appreciation for everything that she does. Another great item that’ll really impress her is a stool or ottoman. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of spending a long day on your feet and coming home to somewhere you can put them up and have some much-needed me-time. Not only are they practical, but they are also stylish and add a whole new dimension of aesthetics to any lounging space.

When you’re wanting to step it up a notch, you simply just can’t go past bedroom furniture . Whether it’s a mattress you can almost just melt into, a bold bed frame that’s bound to make heads turn or a free-standing headboard that just adds a pop of colour and character to what could usually look like a very neutral themed room, mum is guaranteed to love a gift as stand out as this. Not to mention, we also can’t forget the power of a statement chair. Every mum needs a chair that’s her very own to snuggle up on and settle in for a bit of self-care. But who says that chair has to be boring? There are so many gorgeous styles and colours to choose from and it definitely will be the gift that keeps on giving to your mum.

While we should be showing our appreciation for our mums every day of the year, Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to go all out and pull out all of the stops. So if you’re thinking big, we’ve got you covered. And when we say big, we mean buying her a whole new couch or bed frame. With Autumn sneaking in, there’s no better time to play around with colours and textures, and create a living area she’ll never want to leave. If you’re wanting to add something a little extra, pairing a statement piece with a groovy rug will really add depth to a space and give mum a place she can be truly happy in. Whatever furniture item you decide to get for, we reckon you have a pretty good chance of getting put at the top of the favourite child list with these gifts this year. 

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