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Guest Room Makeover: 7 Tips to Prepare for Their Stay

You never know when guests may be planning an impromptu getaway…at your house, so when the announcement is made, do you have a comfortable place for them to sleep and the proper necessities? If not, you will be happy to know there are plenty of options out there that can help you prepare for their arrival, but before you begin, you should consider all options before making that ultimate decision. That way, whichever you choose, you will be happy with it down the road. These 7 tips to prepare for guests will help you be ready whenever anyone pops in for a visit.

1. A welcoming place to sleep

The first and most obvious thing you will need is a comfy place for your guests to sleep. Whether they live within minutes of you or 1000 miles away, they will appreciate your thoughtfulness and it will make them feel welcome. If you have a spare bedroom, you’re fortunate because your guest will have their own little space, but if you don’t have an extra room, you’ll need to be a bit more creative. So we’ll start with the guest room. If you are doing a serious makeover, you may consider painting the room. A friend recently asked what colour they should paint their guest room so they will feel comfortable. The response was easy. Blue. Yes, blue hues tend to help you sleep more hours, so if you are 1000 miles away from home and you have jet lag and are having a hard time sleeping if you’re surrounded with blue tones, there’s a good chance you’ll sleep better. If you don’t want or need to paint, then start with the bed. If you need to purchase a bed, there are some simple yet glamorous beds available with price tags that might surprise you. Depending on the size of the room and the amount of other furniture you have, a double size or larger is the best way to go because you want your company to feel like they are at home. Like the Nova Provincial Winged Fabric Bed Frame. In addition to the bed, the Nova offers a Luxurious designer French provincial wing headboard with 11cm thickness for exquisite comfort. This is the sort of thing any guest will be impressed with, the headboard gives the feel that they are in a 5-star hotel room and it comes in various sizes and colours so you can have a beautiful bed.

Nova Provincial Winged Fabric Bed Frame - Queen Charcoal

2. A comfy mattress to sleep on

If you already have the mattress, you can move on to the next step. But if you don’t have one or the one you have is lumpy and uncomfortable, consider a new one. Sure, you could find the cheapest available, but if you’re after comfort, that may not be the best idea. The Luxo Diana luxury pillow top Latex mattress is a fantastic option due to the premium grade, anti-bacterial knitted fabric offering hypoallergenic properties, preventing the attraction of dust mites and providing a user-friendly, hygienic pillow top mattress, so your family or friends can enjoy a comfortable nights rest. Or you can see our full line of mattresses. Our mattresses come in hygienic rolled vacuum sealed packaging that also saves you money on delivery.

Luxo Diana Premium Pillow Top Pocket Spring Latex Mattress - Queen

3. A place to dress

When people are away from home, they still like to have their own space if at all possible. So when they wake up refreshed, it’s nice to have a place to get ready for the day. A vanity may be just what you need to have handy. Dressing tables not only offer a place to sit and get ready, but they also serve as a table for writing, which in turn makes them feel like they are at home. You may like the French Style Dressing Table 3 Mirror & Stool Set (shown below).

French Style Dressing Table 3 Mirrors & Stool Set - Black

4. That special touch

There truly is no place like home and if you have been a guest at someone else’s house, you know that guests always appreciate the little things that contribute to a warm and cozy space. Adding your own special touch to their space may be that one ingredient that sets off the room. Like fresh flowers, a scented candle, and extra blankets. Or keep a phone charger handy and write the WIFI password on a card and display it so it lets your guest know you thoughtfully prepared for their arrival.

5. (Bath) Room Service

Make sure to keep the guest bathroom stocked with plenty of towels and toiletries. Most travelers tend to bring their favourite shampoo, toothpaste, and their brush or comb. However, we all forget from time to time, so just make sure you keep essentials are stocked with shampoo, conditioner, body and hand soap, a couple of travel size tubes of toothpaste and a couple of toothbrushes and maybe a razor and of course, bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths. Keep them in a basket or creatively display them so it is more inviting. This means your guests will have it on hand and not have to ask for something.

6. Hospitality at its best

How cool would it be having your guest’s favourite night cap right at their fingertips in their room? They would be able to kick back and relax as though it was their own place. And, and having their favorite beer, wine, or spirits on hand will save them a trip to the store. You can use either a mini fridge or a drink fridge like the CyberCool 210L Two-Door Underbench Drinks Fridge. And, once they have headed home, you'll want to keep your drinks in there all the time, leaving more room in your home fridge for food and other items.

CyberCool 210L Commercial Underbench Black Drinks Bar Fridge

7. What if you don’t have a spare bedroom?

You can still have a place to sleep! If you don’t have a spare bedroom that you can use for guests, there are other options. The best idea is to incorporate a sofa bed into your living room, family room, or den. And when it’s time to unwind, allow your guest to have their own space so they can get comfortable before going to bed. The Luxo Kingsley 4 Seater Sofa Bed is an excellent choice. You can still offer the other items for good hospitality.

Luxo Kingsley 4 Seater Sofa Bed - Grey

As you can see, whether you have an extra room or just an extra place to sleep,  you can jazz up any room to make any guest feel welcome so they can enjoy their time away from home. You can give yourself an A+ for providing a warm and inviting place for them to sleep.

Published: 27 Mar 2017