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Easy Ways to Transform Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be one of your favourite places in your home. You should feel safe, comfortable and happy there – so what do you do when instead it just feels lifeless and boring?

Rather than redesigning your whole room – which can take time and a whole lot of money – today we’re delving into a few simple things you can do to bring life and personality back to your space.

Create a feature wall

Feature walls are the perfect way to spice up a room, making it look and feel more exciting. All you need to do is choose one wall that you want to stand out from the rest and go from there. With so many options to choose from - such as regular or textured wallpaper and coloured paint – you will be able to find something that you love looking at. You want to make your feature wall stand out so that it’s one of the strongest design elements of your space. The best part? This can often come very cheap as all you’ll need is some paint or wallpaper and a free afternoon to transform the wall yourself.

Hang up some artwork

Blank walls can be a statement in themselves – but if you’re bored of looking at plain colours, artwork is the best way to make them more interesting. Artwork, photographs and special mementos can all be framed and arranged on your walls to bring some personality to what is arguably the most personal room in your house. While store-bought artwork is great, don’t be afraid to get a little creative with it by painting or drawing things yourself. You can choose to do as little or as much as you like, although if you really want to take it up a notch you could create a ‘collage’ wall covered in your favourite pieces.

Get new curtains

When it comes to livening up your space, curtains are often overlooked – which is a shame because they can offer so much. Get rid of you boring white or black options and replace them with patterns or colours that make you feel happy and at ease. Most homeware stores will have a variety of options that are suited to any room design or colour scheme. If you really want something unique, you could even head to your local fabric store, pick out something that you love and install them in your room. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference it makes!

Include a statement colour

Having a common colour thread throughout your room can really help to pull together the theme and make it more visually appealing. Take a look at your current set up and try to identify any colours that you love and could be incorporated elsewhere in your space. You can then go out and collect other knick-knacks in this colour; mirrors, frames, bowls or lamps, for example. Not only will these accent colours catch your eye, but it will give your room a more put together feeling – with minimal effort.

Published: 23 Aug 2017