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Easy Furniture Hacks That Will Improve Your Home

When it comes to filling empty rooms with furniture, it’s easy to throw it all in without much thought. Sure, you might take a moment to consider where you’d best like your recliner to go, but you’d be surprised how big an impact your furniture arrangement has on the look and feel of your entire home. From size to layout and everything in between, here are some handy tips for getting it right in your home. 

Decide on a focal point

A focal point isn’t something many people consciously consider when furnishing a room. Is it an ornate coffee table? A fireplace? A window with a beautiful view of the world outside? Whatever your focal point may be, arrange your furniture around it to bring attention to that part of the room. If you do this, you’ll find that your eye naturally draws to the focal point while it’s complemented by everything else in the room.

Avoid spreading right up to the walls

It’s tempting to push couches and other pieces of furniture against the wall to maximise space, but this should be avoided where possible. However, many of us don’t have the luxury of having spacious rooms in every part of the house; if you do need to put a couch against the wall, try to balance it out by floating smaller furniture in front of it.

Always make a clear pathway

The rooms in your home shouldn’t be a labyrinth of sofas, tables, bookcases and other obstacles to navigate without any clear direction. Instead, make sure you give a visual invitation to enter each room by clearing a path to and from each entrance and exit. Even if it means you can pack more things into a room, avoid obstructing this path with extra furniture – keep it modest and limited to what you need for utility, comfort and storage.

Consider dining dynamics

Most interior designers will tell you that your dining table and chairs should always sit in the centre of the room, and for good reason. Make sure no dangling lights or anything else obstructs views across the table, and consider adding a cabinet or dresser if there’s room: that way, you get space-efficient storage, an added sense of character and even a surface on which to place ambient lighting.

Inspire conversation

Whether you have the tiniest living room in the world or the biggest, never forget that it should be a space that you can comfortably share with friends and family. Position couches and chairs around a focal point or pair two sitting chairs opposite each other on a slight angle. You need enough space for you to feel comfortable, but close enough that you can have an intimate conversation over a drink.

Declutter, declutter, declutter!

Even the most stylish homes let themselves down when filled with clutter. This doesn’t just mean throw rubbish away, because we hope you have done that already. Be mindful of papers, magazines, toys, shoes, clothes and anything else that is simply lying around, as all of it creates clutter and gives your home a messy, claustrophobic feel.

Published: 12 Aug 2017