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Create the perfect outdoor atmosphere

Everyone knows that the perfect outdoor atmosphere can easily be created with suitable outdoor furniture. You could be looking to bring comfort and function to your outdoor spaces or simply to make them look better. With easy-to-use and low cost furniture you can do all that. Luxo Living offers a variety of outdoor furniture such as outdoor sofas, sun lounges, coffee tables, ottoman cushions, LED lighting, dining sets and much more which can make your summer nights spacious and relaxing.

Furniture made of natural timber has been very popular amongst our clients because it goes with so many other materials and different colours. For example, the Luxo Natural Timber Outdoor Bench provides wide, comfortable seating for three adults and doubles as a storage unit. This comfortable garden essential can keep your area clutter-free with its 253L storage compartment. It is entirely weather resistant, lightweight for mobility and very easy to assemble. A very luxurious lounge setting is the Luxo Outdoor Day Bed. You can relax and absorb the sun in a bed which is the same quality with your sleeping bed. This outdoor bed is the next generation in outdoor recreational furniture. The attractive canopy provides cover for the user, enabling enough shade to be protected from the sun to enjoy, relax and perhaps even read a book without glare. If you have a sunroom in your house, this might also be a perfect for you! Its unique design adds a touch of modernity and luxury to a room. The low-maintenance cushion covers can be removed for machine washing and are easy to put back on again. These comfortable cushions are also water-resistant which means they will dry extremely fast if they get wet. This setting includes the day bed with a tuck away coffee table and 4 throw pillows.

If you wish to bring some light into your garden or backyard, Luxo 40cm Outdoor LED balls, which also float on water, are perfectly suitable for you! They are available in round-shape and come in four sizes. There are a variety of places where to place them as they can bring light by your pool, courtyard or just use them as garden lighting. They are also perfect for wedding decorations, restaurants and exhibitions. The LED balls are battery operated, they come with a rechargeable lithium battery that can provide 10+ hours of operation on a full charge. There are 16 different LED colours you can choose from, you can set the colour to be fixed or choose from one of Luxo’s interchanging colour modes from the remote control. It doesn’t matter how you wish to make your outdoor spaces look more attractive or be more comfortable, Luxo Living offers a variety of different products for everyone! Luxo Living ship all over Australia and the online outdoor furniture range gives you the chance to buy quality products at competitive prices.

Published: 08 Aug 2017