Coffee Table Decorating - Tips from Luxo Living

Coffee Table Decorating - Tips from Luxo Living

Posted by Lux o Living on 31/3/2023

Most Common Coffee Table Types

Before outlining some practical tips for styling your coffee table, it's best to introduce the coffee tables this article addresses. It's also a brief overview of which table type may best suit your desired interior décor results. These include:

1. Square Coffee Table

The Square coffee table creates a cohesive look that pairs well with any interior décor. Its compatibility is due to the symmetrical build that makes the room look filled out and balanced. This coffee table type is ideal for smaller living room configurations as there are better options for a lengthy sofa.

2. Rectangular Coffee Table

Rectangular coffee tables are a common choice, primarily due to how they tone down the softness of a living room. It's compatible with lengthy sofas and provides more surface area than other table variants. Incorporating this coffee table will require a lot of space in your living room since its versatility shines in such an environment.

3. Round Coffee Table

The round coffee table is ideal for people searching for a functional table but with minimal bumps and pointy edges. It's the best option when living with a pet, child, or older adult since it minimises the risk of them getting hurt. Its structure is more aesthetically pleasing than function, making it a standard option for entertaining guests or beautifying the room.

4. Oval Coffee Table

The Oval table is connected to the previous table types; it retains the aesthetics of a round table but the functionality and length of a rectangular table. This coffee table type perfectly balances form and function, but you'll need more space to accommodate this furniture.

Note that most coffee tables fit within the four mentioned types, with some having different lengths, designs, materials, and storage. Nevertheless, most coffee tables will be oval, round, rectangular, or square.

Practical Tips for Decorating your Coffee Table

Without further ado, here are some practical tips and suggestions for styling your coffee table, regardless of type. These recommendations include:

1. Stay on Theme

It's an interior décor best practice to pick a theme before decorating your living space, which applies to your coffee table. This furniture should add to the cohesive vibe of your room and seem in the right place.

Therefore, if you're going for a calm and soothing atmosphere or a sharp and compelling setting, your table should complement the style like a perfectly-placed puzzle piece.

2. Incorporate your personality

It's easy to stick to online suggestions and play it safe with decorations, and while the outcome may be lovely, we recommend reflecting some individuality. Essentially, it's your living space; incorporate items that show your personality.

Showing individuality in your coffee table decoration makes it visually appealing, satisfying, and fulfilling to gaze upon. Therefore, include some of your keepsakes, travel memories, favourite comic books, toys, etc.

3. Always include a plant

Irrespective of your style, whether calm and soothing or sharp and engaging, you can always go right with plants. The proper arrangement always offers an exciting touch to your coffee table.

It doesn't matter whether the petals are natural or synthetic; all that's needed is the life and softness the plant brings to the living room scene. It's the perfect tool to break the monotony of having too many straightforward items.

4. Feature objects of varying heights

Consider incorporating objects with different heights on your coffee table to build visual interest for yourself or your guests. This recommendation is based on the fact that items of different sizes give your eyes a visual journey as it glides across each item on the table.

The assessment of each ornament's dimension makes the coffee table more attractive; however, avoid making these elements too high. You should be able to see the things on your furniture while sitting on the sofa.

5. Manipulate the depth of field

Think like an artist when decorating your coffee table; one factor to consider is the depth of field. Instead of randomly placing objects throughout the surface, try placing the taller items at the back with smaller ones in front.

It's similar to how photographers take family photos since it lets everyone be visible and creates a visually appealing sight. Therefore, arrange the items on your table with the smaller ones closer and the more significant ones farther; it's more comfortable for the eyes.

6. Include books

You can always go right with books; like flowers, they are generally accepted as visually appealing pieces for interior decoration. You can stack them to elevate an ornament or create height variation for smooth optical enjoyment.

Ensure that these books are thick and themed since it's common for people to stack random books with zero care for the thickness. While there are exceptions like a collection of magazines or comic books, the general rule is ensuring your books are thick.

They should also be compatible with the room; you can have a recipe book on your living room coffee table. The text should be readable like a novel, magazine, or even a collection of fun facts.

7. Keep objects practical

Ensure to keep objects practical when decorating your living room coffee table, as it's common for people to litter the surface with unnecessary items. In this case, try a themed storage box for keeping remotes or glass hard for storing lighters for candles.

While you can incorporate impractical items that beautify the table, keep it functional since your coffee table functions as furniture and not an art piece. You can make exceptions for items that reflect your personality, like toys or travel souvenirs, but a balance between form and function is your goal.

8. Explore different textures

To create interest, all ornaments on your coffee table should have different textures or materials. For example, mixing a glossy tray with a shiny bird and a glossy vase can be overwhelming.

Ideally, your materials should look and feel different; variety is a common source of intrigue and satisfaction. Consider exploring other options on your coffee table, like glass, wood, paper, ceramic, plastic, etc.

9. Consider table trays

If you wish to showcase multiple items on your large coffee table but want to leave the space and look neat, consider using a table tray. This item organises your trinkets, toys, remotes, console controllers, and others while saving you space.

With the additional space, you can include other items like books and candles, creating a symphony of things. However, ensure the tray is a different shade and material than the coffee table to strengthen the visual appeal.

10. Understand your angles

Ornaments, flowers, and books all contribute to the visual appeal of the coffee table, but Angles are what complete the entire design. This factor is crucial since the living room is configured in a specific style, with the chairs facing a direction.

In this case, it's best to decorate your coffee table in favour of your viewing angle while you sit, ensuring you get the whole appeal of your décor. Therefore, your flowers, book spines, toys, etc., must all face the same way to be effective.

11. Decorate underneath the table

It's common to focus solely on the top of your coffee table and forget that underneath this area requires attention. Some coffee tables may be occupied by a shelf or storage unit, but others are entirely exposed.

For tables with a vacant bottom space, consider adding a befitting storage basket underneath to hold your remotes and make the area feel complete. You can also include flowers since more oversized items function better in that area than smaller pieces.

12. Avoid overwhelming the table

Although your focus is beautifying your table and creating visually appealing furniture for you and your guests, it should maintain its functionality. Your coffee table is meant to hold your drink, snacks, and other items besides decorative pieces.

Therefore, while decorating, ensure there's space for the table to still function as a table.

In other words, leave an adequate gap between objects and the edge of your coffee table to accommodate additional items.

13. Add Sculpture

Your coffee table is ideal for showcasing sculptural objects, whether it's Fine art, architect bowls, nature-inspired pieces, unusual candle holders, etc. You can take the time to display awards and items that you find valuable.

It's an excellent way to bring personality to your coffee table while keeping it visually appealing.


Remember that irrespective of any suggestion experts present, your desire and table usage will dictate how you style your coffee table. Do you prefer setting your drink on it, playing board games, reading books, or rarely using it? These factors influence how many elements will be on your table alongside their configuration.

For more tips to balance functionality with the style of any interior decoration project, visit our website. We provide professional recommendations to achieve your artistic goals.

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