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Bed Size Guide
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Bed and mattress size guide: Do You need single, double, queen or king?

Choosing your mattress is a critical decision any home owners should make. Whether you’re moving in to a new home or trying to replace your old mattress, it is imperative that you know what exactly you should look for in identifying the best mattress to suit your need. Today, we look into the mattress size guide, their variations, and their features to help you identify the best mattress for your next purchase.

While there are a variety of mattresses being offered in the market ranging from variations in size and materials, the most critical aspect of it is choosing the right mattress for your bed size. The mattress size allows you to identify some of your sleeping requirements which are thoroughly discussed below to help you identify the perfect mattress size to fit your need.

Mattress Size Guide



1.      Single Size Mattress:

The single mattress is sized 92cm x 188cm. The single size mattress is popular among people who sleep alone or who resides alone in their apartment, boarding house or home. This mattress size is also popular among students staying in a flat or a studio. Consider opting for a single bed and a single mattress if you are living alone.

The single size mattress is obviously for the single size bed. This is the most common bed size for children, kids’ bed and bunk beds.


2.      King Single Size Mattress:

The king single mattress is a variation for the single size mattress. It offers an additional 15cm of space in both length and width. It is perfect for those who are above average in height who are living alone.

Like a single bed, a single king bed is also perfect for kids. Purchasing a king single bed give you the advantage of not needing to buy another bed for your growing kid.


3.      Double Size Mattress:

The double mattress is sized 137cm x 188cm. It is 46cm wider than your regular single size mattress. This is popular among couples as it can accommodate two persons in bed. While not much space is afforded by a double bed, they are a great choice for people who are 165cm in height be it an individual or a couple. Double size mattresses are also a great choice if you are living in a small space as a couple or installed in a spare room or sometimes a child’s room. As for mattress sheets, they also afford cheaper choices as compared to specialty mattresses.

A double bed is also ideal for adolescents who have outgrown their childhood beds. They will surely welcome the extra space that it offers compared to a single bed. A double mattress is a great investment, as it can eventually be used in a guest room once grown children move out.


4.      Queen Size Mattress:

The queen size mattress is around 153cm x 203cm in size which is 15cm more than your double size mattress. This is popular among couples as it affords a much wider size for both couples to fit. As for the room symmetry, the queen size mattress fits accordingly to standard rooms today and is very space efficient. The variety of mattress sheets as well provides a diverse option for couples to choose a style they are very comfortable with. Consider getting a queen size mattress if you are staying in a spacious home for a couple.

Queen mattresses are the most popular bed size. Most master bedrooms can accommodate a queen mattress easily. The queen size’s popularity means that accessories and beddings are widely available in a range of price points, materials, and styles.


5.      King Size Mattress:

The king size mattress is technically the biggest mattress size of them all. While there are variations to the dimensions of the king size mattress, the standard measure is 183cm x 203cm.

The king size mattress offers a wide space that also requires a wide room space to fit. While grand as it might seem, you should consider the logistics of bringing a king size mattress in your home as the size itself carries with its additional efforts in transporting it from one place to another. Your room space should also be considered as the mattress itself can occupy a large area in your room.

Be wary as well that a king size mattress may require special sheets to cover the size, as well as large pillows and blankets to complement your mattress.

While the above may seem to tend additional effort in setting up your king sized bed, the king size mattress offers a wide space to even accommodate sleeping space for children and pets on your bed. Just make sure that there is extra space in your room to make sure you can freely and comfortably move around the area.


6.      Super King Size Mattress:

The super king size mattress is a variation of the king size mattress. It’s a larger mattress offering an additional 20cm on width.

As the largest bed and mattress available they provide an unbeatable amount of space. This is ideal for families that want to squeeze together on Sunday mornings or if you just value a lot of space.


Our Final Say

Did the above characteristics of the different mattress sizes helped you decide on your next mattress purchase? If so, we hope you pick out the best choice for your needs! We firmly believe that everyone is entitled to a decent night’s sleep, We at Luxo Living strive to make our quality products highly affordable while providing comfort and promising quality. Although there are other concepts you should consider such as materials and structures, we hope that this guide help you identify the best mattress dimension for your home.

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